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<strong>Ex-Baller Shares “Chilling” Grace to Grass Story – Real Life Yarns</strong>
Real Life

Ex-Baller Shares “Chilling” Grace to Grass Story – Real Life Yarns 

In this episode of Real Life Yarns, a 28-year-old young man shares the Grace to Grass story of how he lost his fortune to yet another daughter of Eve. 

Here’s his story, as narrated to this author:

You see this statement, “Fear Igbo girls!” Please don’t take it lightly at all! Sometime between 2019 and 2020, I hit it big in crypto. The cashout I got was so massive that it even scared me. I felt the money was too much to run out fast, so I stupidly decided to do some little balling and some purchases before even considering investments. I bought a new whip, renovated my family house, and bought my girlfriend a car. Before I knew it, rumours started flying around that I was into illegal businesses. That wasn’t even my problem because I was someone who did not care about what people said about me. The problem was that my babe became a money-hungry monster overnight. She started demanding everything under the sun. At first, I thought, “She deserves it, joor. She has been an understanding girlfriend for so long.” But as time went on, it started looking like Aunty had armed robber genes in her. She would demand the most expensive things, and when I tried to reason with her, we would have a big fight. One morning, we had the same issue again, and I became so pissed at her and scolded her for her extravagance. We didn’t talk to each other for about 3 hours. Then she later came to me to apologise and we had the make-up jigs. After the jiggy session, I gave in to her demands and gave her my card to buy the stuff she needed. About 30 minutes after she left my place, she called to tell me that my card was declining at the terminal and requested that I give her my details so she could log into my bank app and make a transfer instead. I didn’t find anything wrong and just went with it. After giving her my details, she thanked me and hung up. There I was feeling like a good boyfriend when I started receiving notifications on my phone. At first, I thought it was social media notifications, but when the sound kept going off, I decided to check. Lo and behold, my money was being deducted repeatedly until my balance got to a red zero. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My chest became very tight and I couldn’t breathe. It was the first time I ever had a panic attack. This was not just my crypto earnings. It was my whole savings. I had another account, but I gave her the card to the account that had the reasonable funds. I started calling Nneka to know what was going on. When I heard, “The number you are trying to call is switched off,” it dawned on me that my worst nightmare had come to pass. I kept calling her over and over again, but all attempts were futile. I decided to go to the store she said she was going to get the stuff. When I enterred my room to get my car keys, I realised that she had packed her things that were at my house. The fact that I didn’t get a heart attack at this point was by the grace of God. I still tried to go to the store. If you see the way I was asking both the staff and anyone I found around the premises about her eh, you would think I was mad. None of them had seen her or anyone that looked like her there. I started crying. A throaty ugly cry because this was about 7 million that we were talking about. I thought that one couldn’t even transfer that kind of money from the bank without going to the bank directly. I had many questions running through my mind. I also called her friends, but none of them could reach her. I went to her house and met it locked. When I asked her neighbours, they told me she moved out a few days before. The whole thing was like a nollywood movie. I stood outside her house for hours, not knowing what to do next, before I finally went to the police station to file a report. The police I even thought would help me ended up collecting the remaining money I had in my other account just to file a statement. They asked me to wait a few days that they would contact me if they had leads, but they didn’t. After a few times of returning there, they restricted me from coming back. They neither found Nneka nor tracked my money till today. I keep regretting why I didn’t invest that money or split it across different accounts till this day. I flogged myself more for being able to bring myself out of abject poverty and still blowing my God’s-given reward all away just because of a woman. Am I not a Nigerian Samson like this? I’m still traumatised till today and have serious issues trusting any woman besides my mother. I still haven’t been able to make that kind of money again since then. Talk about blowing your chances with God.

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