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<strong>How my Aunt Visited Me After Her Passing – Real Life Yarns</strong>
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How my Aunt Visited Me After Her Passing – Real Life Yarns 

Have you ever had an encounter with the supernatural? Over the years, there have been lots of debates about the reality of ghosts. Why others have argued that they are very much real and some of them living among us, others have maintained that ghost encounters are just games that our minds play with us. Despite the numerous stories we have heard about ghost experiences, some people still remain steadfast in their belief that ghosts do not exist. This was the perspective the subject of today’s story had, until an encounter made her a believer.

In this episode of Real Life Yarns, a 27-year-old young woman shares a shocking story of how her aunt visited her after her untimely call to glory. 

Here’s her story, as narrated to this author:

I never believed in the supernatural, until I had a direct encounter with it. I lost my aunt in 2022. She was taken from us at the prime age of 50, leaving behind her 4 kids. The speculation was that she did not die naturally because one day she was fine, and the next morning she had died from a mysterious migraine that she developed just within the space of minutes. I kept debunking the speculation each time it came up because I was still cynical about charms and spiritual manipulations, despite growing up in a Christian family. This disbelief originated from childhood when I lost my dad at 8. One night, my elder brother ran to me, screaming that he had seen my dad’s ghost in our backyard. His shivering, sweating, and shocked stuttering convinced me. So, that night, I prayed for my dad’s spirit to appear to me because I missed him dearly. I carried out this routine for a month but didn’t get anything that looked like a result. In anger, I dismissed it, feeling like a stupid child. That disappointment grew to shape my entire belief in the idea of the spiritual.

One night, just 3 days after the death of my aunt, my mom called me, breathing heavily and muttering prayers under her breath. In the normal way I joke with her, I asked her why she was breathing like she’d seen a ghost. I expected her to laugh, but she didn’t. She was still trying to catch her breath, and this alarmed me. I seriously began to inquire about what was wrong. After a few seconds, she told me that she had gone for an evening service at the church and, on her way back, she felt my aunt walking behind her. I started laughing because she sounded ridiculous, but she wasn’t joking. She insisted that there was no one around the area, and she kept hearing footsteps behind her. When she turned, she saw no one and, the next thing she knew, she smelled her perfume very close to her. That was when she took off running. I dismissed her claims, telling her that she had just lost her sister and her mind was playing tricks on her. She tried to protest, but I was done. I advised her to rest and hung up because, for some reason, I was getting angry. However, I wasn’t ready for what was going to happen the next day.

The next day was a Saturday, so I decided to visit the Onitsha market to restock my house. After buying some provisions from one of my customers, I turned to leave the shop. The next thing, or person, I saw, shocked the life out of my body. As I turned, there was my aunty, staring directly at me, adorned in her favourite black dress and red handbag. I felt my head swell with shock and my bag dropped from my hand. Immediately she saw my reaction, she turned on her heels and took off. I left my back on the floor and followed her instinctively. She was walking so fast that I had to run to keep up. I kept following her until we got to the sparsely populated area of the market. This was when she turned towards me, screamed at me to go back, and just vanished like air. I almost had a heart attack! I kept staring at the position where she was just standing a few seconds ago and didn’t know when I burst into tears. My wailing attracted the attention of a few passers-by. None of them believed me when I told them what happened except an old woman who told me that not everyone I saw in the marketplace was flesh and blood. I still couldn’t believe it. I tried to call my mom, but realised that I had also dropped my purse.

Luckily, I was able to trace my way back to the store I left my bag. My purse was there too, and my customer had picked them up for me. When I was asked why I took off like that, I couldn’t bring myself to explain what I just saw and told her that I thought someone had collected my purse and followed them. I was shaking, and the woman asked me to rest for a while before heading back. Immediately I got off the Keke on my street, I dialed my mom. When she heard my rapid, “Hello, mummy. You won’t believe what just happened.”, her first question was, “You saw her, didn’t you?” I burst into tears again. At this point, I didn’t know if I was crying because of shock, grief, or the life-changing experience of my conversion and new-found belief in something I never thought possible. My mom kept comforting me until I was calm enough to relate the whole story. She prayed for me and suggested I prayed for my aunt to find peace wherever she was, and that God avenged her if her death was unnatural. I accepted without any hesitation and promised her that I would do so once I got into the house. But you could never imagine what happened next.

When I opened my door to get into my apartment, I met my aunty sitting on my bed! She was just there, staring at the door. I couldn’t take the shock this time and passed out. It was my now-husband, who was my boyfriend then, that later found me. I was too stunned to speak when I came to. Why was she appearing to me when I didn’t have any hand in her death? Was she trying to kill me? Was she trying to tell me something? When I could finally speak, I called my mom and told her that I was returning home the next day. I slept at my man’s house that night. It wasn’t even dawn the next day when I headed to the park to return to Owerri. I stayed there for 2 months. My cousin also had her own encounter, but that is her story. We eventually found out that her death was manipulated, so I guess there was a significance to her apparition.

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