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<strong>5 Alpha Males Share Their First-Time Experiences Buying Sanitary Items </strong>
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5 Alpha Males Share Their First-Time Experiences Buying Sanitary Items  

We are getting into an era where issues such as menstruation and menstrual cycles are no longer considered shameful things to discuss openly. Unlike 20 years ago, more and more men are beginning to understand the concept and how it affects women’s moods and bodies. However, when we carried out a poll, we realised that, although many men have been around some women during their “monthlies”, few of them have participated in the “chivalrous act” of buying sanitary items for women.

So we asked these few who have become accustomed to the drill about their first-time experiences buying sanitary items. Read the Top 5 of the most outstanding answers below.


I never bought pads for anyone until I got married. Barely 3 weeks after our wedding, my wife asked me to get her some on my way home. I argued a little because the thought of going into a supermarket to get pads, with the many people there, was a horror. But women will overpower you sha. I had my head down the whole time as I was going from counter to counter to find the “gold”. When I got to the check-out point, the attendant was just smiling at me. Then she asked me, “Oga, is it just pads that you are buying that is making you embarrassed like this?” I swear, if I was fair, I would have turned red. I just smiled and collected the bag from the mumu girl. The way I sighed with relief when I stepped out eh! My wife still sent me again a couple of months after that. I am now a regular “pad-buying” customer.


I still can’t understand the mood swings women have during their time of the month, but it was that crankiness that my girlfriend called me with one morning. The way she screamed my name made me jump up from my bed. She was having a heavy flow with bad cramping and wanted me to get her sanitary items. I wanted to say, “Haa, I’ve never gotten one before o!” But I decided to be cool and asked her which one she wanted. The next thing I heard was, “Tobe, I have a heavy flow! What do you think? You better be fast because I’m waiting.” Then she hung up. I was speechless for a minute. But then I rushed to the nearest pharmacy to start my mission. Luckily, a middle-aged woman owned the store. So I told her what I wanted and also added that I didn’t know which to get. She then recommended many types for me and their purposes. I finally got a suitable one and even told her that she was God-sent. When I got to my girlfriend, she was impressed and asked me how much I got it. Guess what… The woman charged me twice the price for the pad!


I started buying pads for my sisters when I was 10. I don’t even have a spectacular first-time story about it because I was a kid then and didn’t find anything strange with it. I just went to the store and told the attendant that I wanted Always pads. It was like buying tissue paper. And I’ve been doing it effortlessly since then. Sometimes, I even unconsciously buy packets of pads when I go to visit them. I don’t know why some men freak out about it but it is as normal as night and day for me. My babe even teases me sometimes that I could become a Virony brand ambassador. See how I’m dropping names of pads naa… Bragging rights!


The first sanitary item I bought was tampons. I already knew what pads were and could get it on my own without help, but tampons… I knew nothing about them. I was 19 then and my new girlfriend, who lived in the same lodge with me, sent me out to get some. I kept asking her tampons were and she told me that I would know if I got there. Can you imagine? I was a very shy boy and decided that it was over my dead body to ask anyone for help. I literally speed-walked into the store and went to the section that had pads. I swear, I searched item by item and didn’t see anything that looked like tampons. “Does this girl think she is in the US?” I later became frustrated and just picked a pad from the shelf and left. When I got back to the lodge, she said she was embarrassed by my “locality” and couldn’t date a village boy. That was how we broke up o! Flimsy reason, if you ask me.


The first pad I bought was for my twin sister. She got her first monthlies on a weekend when our parents travelled, leaving both of us at home. When we called them to report the situation, they asked both of us to go to a closeby store close and get a pack of Ladycare pads. When we got to the store, both of us developed a serious case of “tied tongues”. I wanted to man-up and speak, but my sister kept telling me that it will be embarrassing if they knew it was for her. The store attendant kept staring at us and when she gestured to us to walk up to the counter, my sister pushed me forward, telling me to tell her that it was for our mom. She asked what we wanted and I just blurted, “We want pads for our mother.” The store attendant laughed out loud. Yes, she did! Then she brought the pad over to me, still laughing. I almost cried from embarrassment. I even told her to double the bag she put it in so that people won’t see what was inside.

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