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<strong>5 “Rebels” Share Stories Of How They Were Disowned By Their Families – Real Life Yarns</strong>
Real Life

5 “Rebels” Share Stories Of How They Were Disowned By Their Families – Real Life Yarns 

Since the popular TikTok challenge called “The Ceiling Challenge” hit different social media platforms, there has been news of young ladies who ran into some altercations with their families for engaging in the challenge. Even to the point of disownment. This trend began to spark young people’s stories of how their families disowned them. 

Below are the top 5 of these stories, as shared with the BlueprintAfric team:


If I were asked my opinion, I’d say that my parents disowned me for the pettiest reasons. I grew up in a Deeper Life home, and everyone knows how things usually are in such a setting. I didn’t grow up with a TV set or anything relating to the media. My ears were not pierced. We were not allowed to mingle with kids who were not of the Deeper Life faith; my father usually gave us the beating of our lives when he came back from work to find us watching TV in a neighbour’s house or even playing with their kids. So I always felt boxed up as a child. My freedom came when I got admitted into the university. The first week I landed on campus, I pierced my ears, purchased lots of baddie outfits, and painted my nails a shiny crimson. I felt I was finally at a place where I could do what I wanted. Until my parents visited unexpectedly one afternoon. They were in front of my lodge when I got back, dressed in my ripped jeans, crop top, with big earrings, and my colourful finger and toe nails shining under the afternoon sun. I almost gave them a heart attack that day. My dad was screaming at me and my mom was crying. In the end, after they had drawn the attention of the whole neighbourhood, they told me that I was no longer their daughter and was on my own. I kept begging and begging, and even returned home the next day to ask their forgiveness, but they had made up their minds. It was my aunt who paid my school fees from then till when I finished. 


My parents disowned me when I was 18. I was a very exuberant teenager. I was wild and always loved to explore. I was curious about everything; drugs, money, intimate relations with the opposite sex, alcohol… basically everything that my parents detested. My mom kept warning me to desist from these things before they destroyed me, but I never listened. Until I knocked up a girl that was 3 years older than me. We planned to keep it a secret and terminate it. But one morning, her mother unexpectedly showed up at our house with her. My mom was so disappointed. She kept staring at me with tears in her eyes as the girl’s mother kept screaming in our sitting room. The situation was still heated when my father came back. When he was told what was happening. He went straight to my room and brought out my box. Then he asked me to get out of his house since I felt I was now man enough to fend for myself. My mother didn’t beg for me. She just watched as I was kicked out. For months, they refused to take my calls or let me near the house. I was even arrested once for showing up at the gate. During those months, I lived with her family (her father was late). I was really glad for the birth of my baby because he was the miracle that warmed my parents’ hearts and the bridge that brought us back together. We both later went to the university and graduated with Honours. It’s been almost 10 years now. I am currently married to the girl in question and we have two more kids. After everything, we had a happy ending.


My parents got divorced when I was 14, and the situation of living mostly with my mom made me desperate for love and male validation in some way because I developed daddy issues. When I got into the university, I started following men that were as old as my father, because their attention made me feel good about myself. One time, I had to leave Awka for Abuja to see my then sugar daddy. When I got to Abuja, he was at a conference at the hotel we were supposed to lodge and asked me to come meet him there. He said he had told his friends about his baby (me) and couldn’t wait for them to meet me. When I got there, lo and behold, my dad was one of the friends. He was so embarrassed. He called my mom on the spot and told her that I was no longer his daughter. That she could have the prostitute she raised all to herself. He left and never called me again. He only spoke to my mom occasionally after that.


In 2018, I just got out of school and was looking for a job. I didn’t like the fact that I was still leaving with my parents because they constantly reminded me that I had to get out and get a job, even though I had just started graphic designing then and was making little change. About a month later, I got a great graphic design gig, but wasn’t able to pull through with it because my laptop crashed. I decided to ask my father for a loan, since he was a successful businessman, but he blatantly refused me. Telling me that I had become a man and had to take care of my expenses. It wasn’t the first time he was treating me that way, so I was fed up and decided to take matters into my hands. I knew he always kept money at home during the weekends, so I planned with my guys for them to rob the house and get the money. I don’t know why I chose that solution. I guess I was so angry with him. Well, to cut the long story short, my dad called the police in time on the amateurs and they ended up confessing that I was the mastermind. I slept in the cell for 3 months and came back to my bags outside the house.


It’s funny that this is perfect timing because my family just disowned me last week. I don’t know who sent me, but I went and joined the ceiling challenge. After I posted the video on my TikTok page, someone snitched on me and sent it to my parents, and they told our family pastor about it. I have been suspended from the church and the choir at the moment and my parents have said that they don’t want anything to do with a prodigal child who will drag their names in the mud.

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