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20 Questions With Franklin Okanu of Boke Hub

20 Questions With Franklin Okanu of Boke Hub 

By Amy Adindu

Franklin Okanu, Documentary & Travel Photographer, Filmmaker based in Enugu. Early in his career, Franklin had worked as a Field Service Engineer for Huawei Technologies, now he is a drone pilot whose work has been featured in the National Geographic.

What inspired the name  “Boke Hub”?

“Bokeh” refers to the out-of-focus areas in a photo or video. Starting as a photographer, I was obsessed with this concept. So the name is a merger of Bokeh & Hub. I am still obsessed with Bokeh, but Maybe not so much anymore.

What have you learned about yourself in the past year?

I am Better than I think.

When did you realise that you’ll love to go into photography full time?

I did not have much of a choice because I was no longer in love with my first passion/job – Telecoms Engineering.

Photography became my escape and solace. I had to choose my peace and happiness. So I left Engineering to go full-time photography. It remains my best decision to date.

Do you still remember your first project? How did you feel when you got the call? 


I was asked to shoot a wedding at a time when I felt I wasn’t ready. So I asked to shoot it for free, so I would not be arrested if the job went south. I also advised them to hire another photographer in case I did not show up because I still had my Engineering field job.

My photos turned out to be the more preferred by the couple. They had to pay me against my will.

What’s the most shocking request you’ve ever received from a client?

Shooting a project in exchange for exposure is always surprising.

What’s the name of the last movie you watched?

Top Gun Maverick.

Which project of yours made you nervous 

I am never nervous with my projects because I have them all planned out and make them unfold. My personal projects turn out to be the best.

This is why I advice clients to give me creative freedom. Those clients who comply are always glad they did.

What was it like growing up in Enugu

I grew up in Lagos. I get this question a lot because it seems I have “carried Enugu on my head”. But I love the city.

What item can you never be found without ?

My phone.

What location gave you the most challenge to shoot at?

Frankfurt Heights Towers, Lagos. It was a Real Estate job. The building was too magnificient. I realized while shooting it that I needed help. I got help the next day.

What’s a day in the life of Boke Hub like? 

I don’t have a routine. My To-Do list is very flexible and It could change inside a day.

Where is your dream location to shoot at ?

Black Sand Beach, Reynisfjara, Iceland.

You’ve been going on a lot of adventures recently, what’s on your list of locations to visit next?

River Ethiope, Delta. Chappal Waddi, Taraba. Suleja Dam.

What’s the best part of your job

Editing. Actually I begin to edit in my head while shooting. I always can’t wait to jump behind the computer to geek away.

Do you feel any pressure about posting on social media?

No pressure. I post whatever and whenever I want. 

What advice would you give your younger self? 

Start photography earlier.

Lessons you’ve picked up in your time as a photographer and drone pilot.

Never stop learning. DAILY. There is so much to learn and teach others. Holding back knowledge gets you nowhere.

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