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20 Questions With Dinta Media’s Visual Storyteller, Chimeremogo Nwoke

20 Questions With Dinta Media’s Visual Storyteller, Chimeremogo Nwoke 

Dinta Media is not really just a media production brand but we like to see ourselves as a hub for accommodating all forms of creativity. We love storytelling and we believe that every human, brand or business has a story to tell and we would love to tell that story.

  1. Has it always been videography growing up?

Well, storytelling generally has always been my thing. I read a lot of books growing up and saw so many movies and documentaries and they really marvelled me. So I always always wanted to tell my own stories and videography is a form that just almost came naturally, hence the title “Visual Storyteller”.

  • What is the most interesting project you’ve worked on?

 The most exciting and most Interesting project I have ever done and one I’ll forever be proud of was bringing our  Photofestival to life. It was just a dream, first edition which was a demo had probably 15 people in attendance, second and third had an approximate of 6k for students for each event and I’m not kidding. It’s always beautiful watching ideas come to life and take form and not just how you envisioned it, but better. Shout out to my team tho.

  • Give us two truths and one lie about yourself?

a. I used to be a music artist and a dj

b. I’ve never stepped my foot outside Nigeria

c. I play the piano

  • Why Dinta Media? What was the inspiration behind it?

Dinta Media wasn’t my idea, it was birthed and brought to life by my brother Chima, so he passed on the vision to me and it’s been all up from there

  • Are there anything exciting projects you’re currently working on?

Well, yes but it’s still in the ideation and inception phase. Quite ambitious but I plan to see it through till the world sees it. 

  • What’s one issue in your industry that you would like addressed?

Well, none really. I believe that once one puts in the work and stands out, everything usually comes through. But Nigeria is a general issue.

Do you have a favourite videographer?

Omo, videographers opoor. I don’t really have a favourite because I discover new gods of visuals everyday. I have like a top 20 

  • Do you have any piece of art that has stood out to you and pushed you along in your career?

 Well, the movie “Goodfellas”, directed by Martin Scorsese is a pure work of art and I reference it most of the time. Of Course it’s not a very relatable genre to Africans as much but I respect the storytelling technique. 

  • How would you describe a deal you can never say no to?

Contracting me to direct a documentary indigenous to Igbo culture (and probably getting an Oscar contending nod)

  • Why Igbo culture?

 I grew up in Igbo land and to some great extent, I am deeply rooted in it. We don’t tell our stories enough and there our stories hold so much untapped potentials. Also for preservation sake

  • What aspect of your work do you love the most?

Travelling (all expenses paid)…always pure bliss

  • How would your friends describe you?

The guy who does his own thing as it is in his mind

  • What is your perfect day like?

Hiking/Excursion, creating content and resting

  • What’s your creative process like?

 I’m usually always in my head, but one thing I like about myself is execution and seeing things through. So once the inspiration hits me, I start planning and find people who trust me enough to see my vision with me (I don’t like doing things only by myself unless I have to) and we execute, publish, rinse and repeat.

  •  In your opinion, which is more strenuous, pre production or postproduction? 

Pre production and production are the easy part

Post (editing) is where all the work is and it’s really mentally draining. But I do enjoy watching everything come together in the edit and I have a habit of hyping myself up and reminding myself that “I bad”

  • 15. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Bora Bora or Maldives…I love being close to nature and water.

  • 16. Do you play videogames, which is your favourite to play? Don’t say soccer please.

 Sorry to disappoint you here, I’m not a videogame person. Movies have taken over other aspects of my life

  • Oh really? This would be first. What are you currently watching?

I just acquired “The Sandman” , heard so much about the book and the movies been hyped up as well, so I’m about to feast

  • 17.  One term that best describes your romantic life? 

 Coming Soon 🥲

  • 18. What’s your secret talent?

Making up stories/ content fast….

  • 19.  If you could have a superpower what would it be?


  • Why teleportation?

So I can go and be anywhere in the world at any time I choose. Plus I can teleport into CBN inventory and take unmarked notes 🌚, it’s not theft.

  • 20. What’s the one thing that surprises people when they meet you in person?

 That I don’t talk as much or that I’m actually shy

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