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Why We Love Kelechi Amadi Obi
Why We Love Kelechi Amadi Obi
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Why We Love Kelechi Amadi Obi 

The definition of talent is Kelechi Amadi’s iconic story. Imagine a person who studies law in school, gets called to Bar, and leaves it all for something different and unrelated…Painting!

Kelechi Amadi-Obi is not just a painter, he is a prolific photographer, gifted artist, and publisher of Mania Magazine. 

Born December 29, 1969, to Justice Sylvester Amadi-Obi, a high court judge, and Mrs. Theresa Amadi-Obi, an educationist, Amadi-Obi is the sixth of seven children.

Kelechi Amadi had his first major break in 2001 when he was invited to Mali for a photography convention alongside some other Nigeria photographers like TY Bello and  Uche James Iruoha. 

After the event, all four decided to form a creative group with the title ‘Depth of Field’. This group was formed to attain photography excellence by forming a pact, to encourage each other and critic each other’s work.

His work in photography and visual art has earned him international recognition, featuring in many international exhibitions including Snap Judgement. 

He has been described as one of Nigeria’s groundbreaking celebrity photographers who over the years has helped put Nigeria on the world map.

In an interview with Plus Tv Africa, in 2019, He recounted what motivated him to make a difference with his art, and to achieve that, he needed to change the perception foreigners had of what Nigeria was. 

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He shared his experience about the time he visited a friend in New York, where he took out time to tour the neighbourhood, he realised that the pictures he saw online were make-believe created by good photographers and crazy concepts. There and then he decided to change the narrative, paint a new picture of what Nigeria is.

He decided to foster change, liberating the black man, to give value to the Nigerian photography business as well as giving Nigeria a new image. He started taking pictures that portrayed our country’s rich culture and rare beauty. 

According to him, “Being a photographer makes you a priest on the altar of first impressions”. Kelechi Amadi is dedicated to change, growth, and progress for Nigeria’s photography industry. Kelechi Amadi is obsessed with liberation, Kelechi Amadi is a Visionary!

This is why we love Kelechi Amadi-Obi

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