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Ckay teases his upcoming album, “Sad Romance”

Ckay teases his upcoming album, “Sad Romance” 

‘Sad Romance’, the title of Ckay’s debut album, has been teased by the afrobeats sensation.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Nigerian sensation Ckay teased his upcoming debut album on Twitter on August 22, 2022, saying it will be filled with a range of different emotions.

The “Sad Romance” album by Ckay will detail the several difficult stages of his ascent to popularity before he finally achieved global recognition with the number-one single “Love Nwantiti.”

Ckay described the many feelings that went into creating the album in the one-minute, 12-second movie, as well as how he organized the help of highly brilliant people.

Ckay is an Afrobeats musician whose music is influenced by passion and vulnerability. He takes satisfaction in being an Emo Pop star, and given his international popularity, fans can anticipate his releasing an album that will be well-liked all around the world.

Given the streaming success he had with “Love Nwantiti” and his exceptional talent, Ckay has already stated that his album will break Afrobeats records. It is simple to appreciate his confidence in this regard.

The album has yet to be released. However, all signs point to the album being released in the third quarter of 2022 since Ckay will want to conclude the year strong and begin 2023 strong.

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