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Hacklab Foundation Partners BlueAfric Media to Host AI Hackathon in Nigeria

Hacklab Foundation Partners BlueAfric Media to Host AI Hackathon in Nigeria 

The largest hackathon in West Africa is set to take place in Lagos, Nigeria, with BlueAfric Media at the forefront of communications for the event.

Developers in Nigeria are called upon on a quest to “Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Drive Digital Transformation in Africa” ― the theme of this year’s Hackathon. The Hacklab Foundation, an international nonprofit organisation headquartered in Ghana with a focus on preparing the youth for future digital jobs through technology education and skills development has today announced its first-ever hackathon outside of Ghana with support from companies; IBM, Mind the Gap, BlueAfric Media and a number of tertiary institutions and ecosystem partners.

Since its inception in 2015, they have directly impacted over 10,000 people, organised hackathons, robotics, and coding boot camps for kids between the ages of 7yrs – 13yrs; supported over 500 women in tech, and placed over  800 youths in jobs.

The Foundation is known for its Annual Hacklab Hackathon hosted in Ghana which brings together over 1000 participants including developers, engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, policymakers, development partners, and other stakeholders in technology to meet and discuss critical issues impacting Africa.

With a focus on developing brands, and bringing them to the world map, BlueAfric Media is regarded as a premier 360 Media & Communications Agency in Africa. In addition to creative storytelling, they build relationships with audience members to prevent traditional advertising from getting lost in the crowd.


BlueAfric Media’s subsidiary, Blueprint Afric focuses on community building and currently houses over 8 million audience members across its owned platforms, hence the guaranteed expertise and capability of the media agency to handle an event as big as this and develop a large community of beneficiaries.

With this background reputation, having BlueAfric Media handle the communications of the AI Hackathon will ensure that more audience is reached and Nigeria will be blown away by this event. In spite of the challenges that the global pandemic posed to organisations in 2020 even to date, the Foundation and its partners successfully held its annual hackathon on a virtual scale. It is on the backdrop of this success that the Foundation is empowered to take the hackathon to the next level by extending the event to Nigeria.

The event is scheduled to take place on the 13th – 15th of August, 2021. The hackathon seeks to generate solutions that will address problems in Nigeria and the rest of Africa with a focus on Artificial Intelligence solutions.

As it has been done in previous years, prizes in the form of cash and mentorship by partners will be awarded to teams with the best ideas to help facilitate the implementation of the ideas birthed during the hackathon. Further details on registration and participation will be available on the website and social media platforms of the organisation. 

To register a team:

Please sign up via: 

Or Download Event App Hacklab Connect for iOS or Android

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