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Guarik Landry,18 Year Old Frenchman, Becomes Europe’s Youngest Airline Pilot
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Guarik Landry,18 Year Old Frenchman, Becomes Europe’s Youngest Airline Pilot 

Guarik Landry, a Guadeloupean, has become Europe’s youngest commercial airline pilot at the age of 18.

He fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a pilot by overcoming obstacles and obtaining his commercial pilot’s licence.  As a child, he admired from home the takeoffs and landings of planes at Pôle Caraibes, the Pointe-à-Pitre airport.

He trained at the Aérofutur school in Perpignan (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) and has just obtained his commercial pilot’s licence.

Growing up, the Guadeloupean did not give up and spent most of his free time on Flight Simulator. At 17, he obtained his private pilot’s licence, but he still needed 150 hours of flight time to officially become a professional pilot.

Guarik, who is also a jazz pianist, is one of those who, while preparing for the baccalaureate, devotes time and energy to their pion at the same time. He earned his baccalaureate when he was 17 and a half years old.

His remarkable talent spared him the two customary years of preparation for the national flying school. The young genius enrolled at the Aérofutur school in Perpignan, which he finished in one year (instead of the typical two years) due to his persistent determination.

Even though it was required to pay a substantial number of 100,000 euros to finance his training at Perpignan, Guarik’s family has always been his biggest support.

They were there to witness him complete his flight test on September 14 following a trip between Perpignan and Béziers during which examiners assessed his aptitude during stalls and rapid twists as well as his skills in the event of an engine failure. Guarik completed this process to get his commercial pilot’s licence.

Its goal going forward is to incorporate commercial or airline aviation, with a start in Guadeloupe. Looking ahead, Guarik can easily picture himself operating an A350. Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before he breaks the record for the youngest long-haul pilot.

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