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Enugu in its glory is known as the capital of Southeastern Nigeria but unlike Lagos, the capital city has been void of a vibrant business climate. This being a result of the problem of invisibility to the global financial market since southeast-based businesses lack wide recognition and ranking. To fill this void, three young men, Christian Brain Okoli, Chukwuanugo Osadebe, and Michael Ikechukwu Ihenacho, set out to create a solution via the media sector.

Through their selfless collective drive to boost the southeast, they devised a means which birthed the idea of aiding businesses gain recognition, a wider audience, and solve their brand visibility problems. It was this drive that fostered the establishment of what has grown to become the biggest creative agency east of the Niger BlueAfric Media. Okoli, Osadebe, and Ihenacho had experienced the major problem of capital in the startup of the company but wielded their skills in marketing, photography, graphic design, cinematography, and tech to vitalise its growth over the years. 

BlueAfric Media is a 360 media company, the first of its kind, that has been in existence for 7 years, thriving in Nigeria and Africa with offices in Abuja, and Enugu. Since its establishment, BlueAfric Media has been turning brands on and placing them on the map through advertising, communications, and public relations.

With inspiration from the likes of Debola Williams and Chude Jideonwo, the journey of making BlueAfric Media one of the most renowned African-inspired communications agencies in the Southeast has been a tremendous one. They have continued to stay true to their pre-existing mission of creating visibility for African brands, giving them an online presence, and creating effective communication between them and their customers. 

Blueafric Media has advanced from its humble origin and surmounted challenges through its reputation of perfection, clients’ satisfaction, and impressive service deliveries. The trio has continued to reach out to the African community through their subsidiary brands, Blueprint Afric, which gives voice to people from the most real and tiniest crannies of Africa through original storytelling, and Kudibar, an event hosting platform.

Blueafric Media has strived to create a significant impact on society with its evidently effortful record, from collaborating with the West African Health Organisation to emphasise the importance of West African health to the Enugu SME Centre where it ensured it helps the agency communicate an evocative message to the residents of Enugu, and lifted the limits of choice.

In collaboration with Ogwugo Market, Blueafric Media also introduced Southeast’s first successful e-commerce platform. It has placed the spotlight on these businesses which have succeeded in delivering impeccable services to customers far and near because it creates products that resonate with the human mind. The agency also contributed towards solving the problem of unemployment through the recruitment and training of creatives who have accumulated further impact on society.

Though these media experts have lamented about other challenges in present-day Enugu, like the inadequacy of skilled people, tech companies, and creative agencies, they believe that there is room for more partnership and expansion, unlike the past years of struggle. And, through the duty of the company as the Gatekeepers of Brands, they are working towards creating sustainable relationships with people and brands that will foster the rise of creatives and creative agencies, not just in Nigeria, but in Africa. 

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