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<strong>Davido: “Timeless” Review</strong>

Davido: “Timeless” Review 

Davido released his fourth studio album, an incredible project that will stand the test of time.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi


Davido is back with new tunes that we can groove to all day. Davido stunned his fans by announcing the release of his fourth studio album. This comes after a six-month sabbatical from the social scene. Angelique Kidjo, Skepta, Asake, The Cavemen, Focalistic, Fave, Asake, and others appear on the 17-track album “Timeless.” Morravey and Logos Olori, two new musicians signed to his label, also feature. Davido Music Worldwide, Columbia Records, and Sony Music Entertainment distributed the album.

He begins the album with the finest opening, OVER DEM. It says that he has placed his well-being in the hands of God. He is spending his life in peace, drinking his Martell; anybody with a problem can kick the bucket. He expresses gratitude to God, even for his uncle, who was elected governor. The lyric “Over dem all, If dem wan turn goliath, I will be David for life, Oluwa dey my side”   demonstrates Davido’s confidence in God’s presence at all times.

FEEL is the first song I had on repeat. Its amapiano beat and rhythm are catchy; you’ll want to dance to it. Davido reveals his vulnerable side when planning a meeting with his love interest and professes his affection for her. It’s a fun song worth a listen to and would go well on any music fan’s playlist.

Morravey, his newly signed artist, is featured in IN THE GARDEN. With enticing lyrics and a fast tempo, the song is a homage to love and the beauty of nature that will have listeners dancing along in no time. Morravey’s vocals nicely complement Davido’s, bringing depth and complexity to the music. Overall, “In The Garden” is a must-hear for Afrobeats lovers.

Davido guarantees his supremacy as a baller enjoying life, and God protects him on GODFATHER. He expresses gratitude to God for all of his blessings. The song’s groovy beat and enticing lyrics should make it one of the album’s biggest hits. The production and sound engineering are excellent, making it a lovely listening experience.

UNAVAILABLE features Musa Keys. Davido talks about not being available. He discusses the rumors that have been spread about him. “Say I carry the woman (Woman), Shey na man wey I for carry?”  might be referring to when he was seen with Young M.A’s ex, Mya Yafai. He speaks on being human and the importance of not passing judgment. Davido’s vocals are spot on, with just the proper amount of intensity and emotion. Musa Keys also delivers an impressive verse, demonstrating his vocal range and unique style.

“BOP” is a tune that can get anyone up and dance. The song has an exciting rhythm and catchy lyrics, making it easy to sing along to. Davido and Dexta Daps did an excellent job of incorporating their styles into the song, resulting in a work of art that is both entertaining and enjoyable.

“AWAY” showcases Davido’s signature Afrobeat style, with catchy vocals and addictive beats. The song is about Friday night parties and having fun. Davido’s vocals merge wonderfully with the song’s upbeat tempo. The instrumentals give the piece an authentic feel.

In “PRECISION,” Davido talks about having God, money and wanting to plan his life. The words are simple but powerful, and the chorus will stay with you for days. It features everything that makes a great Afrobeat track: catchy lyrics, an addictive beat, and a memorable chorus.

FAVE features on “KANTE.” FAVE’s vocals are an excellent complement to Davido’s smooth flow, and together they create an intense sound that is difficult to resist. She serenades us throughout the song’s chorus. The production is excellent, with a catchy tune that will have you dancing in no time. The lyrics compare soccer player Kante’s prowess with the capacity of the love interest to influence how she moves her body, highlighting the force and impact of physical expression in raising one’s mind and emotions.

The Cavemen and Angelique Kidjo appear on “NA MONEY.” The Cavemen’s unique highlife sound blends seamlessly with Afrobeat, resulting in a lyrical and danceable fusion. The lyrics revolve around money, success, and living the good life. Angelique Kidjo’s chorus vocals lend a touch of jazz to the song, taking it to the next level. Her voice is strong, and she delivers well. The song exemplifies the variety of African music. The combination of highlife, Afrobeat, and jazz provides a distinct and refreshing sound that distinguishes it from other tracks on the album.

Skepta features on “U(JUJU).”” The song begins with an exciting Afrobeat rhythm setting a danceable track tone. The song is a love song that displays both artists’ vulnerable sides. Davido’s melodic vocals complement Skepta’s rap lines, resulting in a beautiful synergy that shows their distinct styles.

“NO COMPETITION” features Asake. The song begins with a nice groove and sweet vocals by Davido. Asake’s distinct voice suits the theme, giving it a new twist. The song’s lyrics allude to their love interest as the only one in their lives, with no competition from other women. The song’s production is excellent, with the tempo and instrumentation flawlessly mixing with the vocals.

Davido wraps the album with “LCND” (Legends Can Never Die). The song’s lyrics are about the people he has lost. Davido talks about how he wants to flex this life for as long as possible. He talks about things he’s been through but can’t talk about. Davido’s voice in the track is emotional and honest while conveying his message. The rhythms are calm and relaxing, allowing Davido’s voice to stand out.

In conclusion, Davido’s “Timeless” album has proven to be a remarkable production that showcases his growth and versatility as an artist. The album is a fusion of genres, including Afrobeats, Amapiano, Highlife, and Pop, and it collaborates with various international and local artists.

The album’s production is top-notch, with each track carefully crafted to showcase Davido’s unique style and sound. The album’s theme centers on Money, relationships, and life experiences, and it is relatable to a broad audience.

Overall, the Timeless album is an excellent addition to Davido’s discography and is undoubtedly one of his best works to date. It stands out in production, songwriting, and collaborations and has received positive reviews from fans and critics alike.

Compared to his other albums, the Timeless album showcases Davido’s growth and evolution as an artist. It is a different approach from his previous works, showcasing his willingness to experiment with new sounds and styles. The Timeless album is undoubtedly Davido’s most mature work to date, and it is a testament to his talent and creativity.

In conclusion, the Timeless album is a must-listen for Davido and Afrobeats music fans. It is a remarkable product that will stand the test of time and solidify Davido’s place as one of Africa’s biggest music exports.



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