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#BlueTunes: Lojay, Rexxie Top Album Picks For March

#BlueTunes: Lojay, Rexxie Top Album Picks For March 

Several artists released new music in March. Tiwa Savage’s “Stamina” featured Young Jonn and Ayra Starr. Adekunle Gold also released a track with Zinoleesky titled “Part No Dey Stop.”

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Lojay – Gangster Romantic

Lojay is a rising Nigerian artist who recently released his debut album, “Gangster Romantic.” The EP is a fusion of Afrobeats, R&B, and Dancehall, making it a unique and distinct offering in the Nigerian music industry. The album is a perfect introduction to his unique and distinctive style. Lojay shows his talent in the Nigerian contemporary music industry by blending his songwriting prowess and vocal versatility.

Throughout “Gangster Romantic,” Lojay shows his romantic side. Lojay’s debut album demonstrates that he is a hopeless romantic capable of serenading and sweeping any girl off her feet. He adds a touch of his playboy side to the album, indicating that he has one leg in and one leg out when it comes to love.

He begins the album with “YAHWEH,” where he sings about how he desires absolute devotion and attention from his partner. He lavishes praise on his Lover’s physique. He shows that he merely wants her companionship and is willing to listen to her when she wants to chat. The song chronicled his sexual encounter with his partner, from Benz to the bedroom. The music combines modern R&B and African rhythms, catchy melodies, and soothing vocals. The bass and fast percussion of the beat give it an enhanced sense that fits the song’s mood.

On “Leader!” Lojay shows his playboy side when he talks about leaving a rude girl’s feelings on a cruise. He says his only purpose is to fulfill his sexual desires and move on. There are many girls on his signal to be stuck with one Lover. He shows his pen game on this track with a fantastic opening sequence and top-notch delivery.

The song “Moto” is about heartbreak. Lojay sings about always being there for a lady, but she only wants him around on weekends, telling him she needs space and time. He narrates the lengths he went to please the lady, and in the end, he finds her with another man. He wishes her well and rides away in his “moto.” The guitar, bass, and instrumentals give the song the necessary heartbreaking effect.

The track “Canada” was released ahead of the album. Lojay works with South African DJs and record producers, DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small. The song discusses transactional love/sex. Lojay spends his money to impress women since he can afford to fly them to Ottawa and lavishly pamper them. People would The fusion of Amapiano and Afrobeats would get people up and dance.

Lojay shows his vulnerable side on the track “IYD.” He is fighting his demons, and he needs closure from this lady to be able to move on. He talks about sneaking in to see her or talking on the phone, anyone she is comfortable with. He ends the song with “If You Down,” meaning the ball is in her court, anything she decides. The mid-tempo groove allows Lojay’s vocals to communicate the heartfelt message of this song.

Lojay gushes about his Lover’s body on Amapiano’s “Availabu” and how he is always available whenever she needs him. The amapiano rhythm will have you dancing and grooving.

The album ends with “OVA,” where Lojay talks about heartbreak compared to how he opened the album with “Yahweh,” a song about being in love. He talks about how it couldn’t work with his partner and how he should have cheated on her while they were together. The production is one of the song’s most notable aspects. The track is well-crafted and suits Lojay’s vocals wonderfully.

The album shows Lojay’s songwriting brilliance and his ability to perform on various beats. The tracks’ production was excellent. “Gangster Romantic” is about a guy who knows what he wants regarding sex, romance, and the type of women he desires. The album also covers heartbreak, vulnerability, and not being embarrassed to own flaws. Lojay stays on topic throughout the seven tracks, alternating between Playboy and hopeless romantic sides.

Overall, “Gangster Romantic” is a solid album for Lojay, with each track highlighting his range and artistic potential. It represents the current wave of Nigerian music, fusing numerous genres to produce something new and intriguing. The album also shows the outstanding production level in the Nigerian music industry, with each track being well-produced and mixed.

Personal Favorites – (Moto, Availabu, OVA)


Rexxie – Big Time

Rexxie, a Nigerian music producer noted for his collaborations with famous singers, has released his first album, “BIG TIME.” The album comprises 12 tracks that exhibit Rexxie’s versatility as a producer and include some of Nigeria’s top stars in the music business.

The producer and composer included musicians from many musical genres. Lojay, Ajebo Hustlers, Runtown, Alpha P, Azanti, Teni, Sarkodie, Zinoleesky, Zlatan, Busiswa, Wizkid, and many other musicians performed on various tracks.

Lojay’s lover boy vibes shine through on “Asiko(Big Time).” The track is an excellent album opening, with Lojay displaying his voice and lyrical abilities over a piano-infused groove. Lojay addresses females and what they have to give. The drums and violin added a beat to the song, allowing Lojay to deliver his lovely vocals effortlessly. Rexxie has mastered the art of fine-tuning an amapiano sound to his liking.

“Call My Phone” features the dynamic pair Ajebo Hustlers. They reassure their love partners that they will be there for them in any scenario. They should “Call their Phone” when they need a shoulder to cry on in times of need.   The fast-paced amapiano beat will have you dancing on your feet from the beginning to the end.

Minz and Runtown do justice to the song “Slow Whine.” The track’s simplicity allows the pair to express their musical voices fully.

On “Dinero,” Alpha P and Azanti inform the ladies they have money to spend on them. They tell the girls to have fun, enjoy themselves, and allow them to take care of their bills. The duet displays their singing talents over the exciting violin instrumental. The drums complement the bassline and accentuate the rhythm of the beat.

Teni and Sarkodie feature on “Fallacy.” The pair talks about finding love despite common myths about love. The instrumentals on this song blended wonderfully with Teni’s voice. Her heartfelt voice and words gave the music a pure timbre when combined with Sarkodie’s rap lines. He spoke in his trademark rhythm.

“Taka Oshi” features Berri-Tiga, who delivers optimistic sentiments over the upbeat music. Berri-Tiga rejects negative energy in the song. He wants to enjoy peace while earning money.

One of my favorites is “NO MORE CONDITION,” which includes Zinoleesky. The song was released ahead of the album. Zinoleesky counts his blessings and boasts about his excellent singing abilities. Over the amapiano beat, he does his thing with melodies and narrative words.

“Lagos” features L.A.X, Busiswa, and Shashie singing soft-spoken vocals over an Amapiano rhythm. On the upbeat track, the trio’s melodies blended beautifully. The rumbling bass, whistles, and log drumming immersed us in the dancing effects of amapiano sounds.

NSG and Zlatan feature on “Credit Score,” another amapiano track. Over the fast beat, the pair distinctively delivers their vocals. BackRoad Gee has some lyrics to “Again.” The chorus and rapped lines don’t mesh well with the song’s rhythm and tempo.

One of the album’s hottest singles is “Abracadabra,” which features Naira Marley and Skiibii. The instrumentals are filled with an enthusiastic Amapiano atmosphere, allowing the singer to bounce their vocals off of them smoothly. The hook “Abi kin pe rexxie” by Naira Marley was the song’s high point. Wizkid remixed the music, but the remix was not as good as the original.

If you enjoy Nigerian or African music, Rexxie’s “BIG TIME” is a must-listen. The album features some of the industry’s top artists and a variety of styles and genres, ranging from Afrobeat to Amapiano. “Big TIME” offers something for everyone, whether you’re searching for something to dance to or vibe to.

Rexxie’s debut album, “BIG TIME,” is good overall. The album demonstrates his brilliance as a producer and ability to collaborate with various artists. Lovers of Nigerian music should check out this album.

Personal Favorites (Asiko(Big Time), Call My Phone, NO MORE CONDITION, Lagos, Credit Score, Abracadabra)


# BlueTunes featured Ajebo Hustler and AV’s EPs in December. Check it out here:

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