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#BlueTunes: Ajebo Hustlers, AV Top EP Picks For December

#BlueTunes: Ajebo Hustlers, AV Top EP Picks For December 

The Nigerian music industry had a fantastic year, with several hit singles and excellent albums released. Runtown returned with his album “Signs,” and several other artists released songs to close the year.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Bad Boy Etiquette 101 – Ajebo Hustlers

Ajebo Hustlers have proved their originality and dedication to their craft. The Duo group comprises Knowledge and Piego, who gained recognition with their single “Barawo” in 2020. Since then, they’ve consistently delivered hit songs like “Loyalty” and “Caress.” They have demonstrated their ability to switch between musical genres.

This EP features talented artists Fave and Mayorkun—the EP’s theme shifts between romance, ambition, heartbreak, and success. The EP’s sound combines pop, Amapiano, and Highlife.

The first track on the EP is “Dreams,” which has the Duo discussing their ambitions and determination to achieve them. The track effectively portrays the message of staying focused on the path to realizing your dreams, which is a powerful message.

A previously released single, “In Love,” features Fave. They highlight the changes that occurred when they fell in love. The song expresses the joy of being in love and happy about it. The music is particularly relevant since love is believed to turn someone into a fool.

On “Kisses,” the Duo talk about the pain that comes with being heartbroken, and that can be heard in their chorus, “I don’t wanna love no more/I don’t want your kisses on my lips/ I don’t wanna love no more/ I don’t want my hands up on your hips,” It also reflects on a cheating partner. The song’s message is about the pain of falling in love and being cheated on in a relationship. The music is especially relevant to Nigerians who are chopping breakfast (a word used to describe heartbreak) up and down.

On the tune “No Love(18 Plus),” the Duo and Mayorkun discuss their sexual desires. The Amapiano-infused track follows the previous song, “Kisses,” which discussed heartbreak. It’s more like going through a hoe phase after being heartbroken. They mention how it is a cold world with no love.

The song “No Peace (Violence)” is about the Duo’s decision to stop seeking love after being burned many times and focusing on making money. The tune is filled with Amapiano and Gqom, with a hint of whistling that fits beautifully with the words to create a lovely sound. The song is relatable because many individuals focus on refining themselves after heartbreak.

The song “Loyalty,” released earlier, was a huge mainstream success. The Duo talks about a woman who does not want their money but their loyalty. When it comes to love, they display their vulnerability. The song has good production and songwriting.

“Burn My Cable,” the EP’s final track, is a highlife/pop mix. The song is about the Duo wanting to be wild and have fun, but their women wouldn’t let them. It demonstrates that they wish to explore their sexual desires elsewhere but cannot do so due to a relationship.

The EP is a well-organized project focusing on the intended themes of love, heartbreak, and ambitions. They adequately conveyed their point on each track, and the ways were well-produced. With each way getting a different emotion, it has significance. The featured artists did justice to their featured tracks while contributing to the track’s original production and songwriting. Ajebo Hustlers are the Duo to look out for to give good music.

There are no standout tracks on the EP; all of them are worth listening to.


Thug Love – AV

AV came into the forefront of the music world with his smash track “Big Thug Boy,” and he followed it up with two hit bangers, “Confessions” and “No No Form.” With his latest EP, “Thug Love,” he is solidifying his place in the industry.

The EP showcases AV’s songwriting abilities, uniqueness, and love for his craft. The EP features Victony and KITZO, who did justice to the track on which they were featured. The theme bounces from love, romance, and success. AV gives off Bad Boy vibes in some ways.

He introduces the EP with “Unbeatable,” an Amapiano-fused tune that discusses how his music is unrivaled. The song’s catchy melody would make you want to dance.

“Thug Love” is a love song where AV talks about his love interest and how he plans to take care of her. Throughout the song, he sings her praises and refers to loving her like a gangster. His voice and the message he was attempting to convey blend well with the gentle melody of the beat.

“B&B (Booze and Bumbum)” features Victony and KTIZO. The song talks about ladies and liquor being accessible at the party he is hosting, which also includes essential individuals. Victony’s excellent vocals in the chorus were the song’s highlight for me. The afrobeat rhythms and the singers’ incredible vocals will have you dancing.

AV released “No Dey Form” earlier this year, which was warmly welcomed with some criticism from his fans. He showed that he is more than a one-hit wonder. AV serenades his love interest and cautions her not to take him for granted over an incredible array of great violin strings playing in the background.

AV serenades his love interest in the last song, “Wake up,” telling her how he wants to wake up to her every morning. He flexed his voice on this track, and the mellow tempo gave it a good vibe.

The EP is decent and has replay value. With this EP, AV shows his potential and establishes himself as an artist to watch out for in the coming years. His songwriting is solid, and he has proven he has what it takes to stay relevant in the industry.

I couldn’t pick a favorite track from the EP since they’re all fantastic. However, “Thug Love” and “Wake Up” were on constant repeat for me.


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