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<strong>5 Daughters of Eve Share Unusual Habits that Sent Their Partners Running – Real Life Yarns</strong>
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5 Daughters of Eve Share Unusual Habits that Sent Their Partners Running – Real Life Yarns 

In life, we all have our quirks and habits that make us unique. Sometimes, these habits can be endearing, while at other times, they can push our loved ones away. In this episode of Real Life Yarns, we reached out to five remarkable Nigerian women who shared their unusual habits that ultimately led to the end of their relationships. 

Below, are their stories:


Mine was that I had a foot fetish. I don’t even know if I should call it that, but I liked to smell feet. At first, my then-boyfriend thought it was cute because I was only doing it to him and he interpreted it as part of the craziness of love. Then we started hanging out with his friends. The first time we did, I kept staring at his bestfriend’s feet through his slides. When he caught my stare and asked me what I was looking at, I told him that I would like to know how his feet smelled. I didn’t even know if the expression on his face was amusement or shock, but it wasn’t good. Luckily, My boyfriend overheard us and told him that I liked to joke like that to get people’s reaction, so they laughed it off. But I did it to another friend, and another, and even his sister. Until he decided to break it off. He said that besides my habit of being weird and disgusting, his friends were constantly mocking him that he was dating a clown.


My friends always told me that I had something worse than OCD, but I didn’t take them seriously because they always overexaggerated. Not until I started dating my first boyfriend in 2019. The first time I spent the weekend at his place, he left his keys for me so I got in before he came back from work. Immediately he entered the living room, his expression changed. It wasn’t what I was expecting because I had literally turned his house upside down and given it a makeover, so I was expecting a “thank you”. When I asked him what was wrong, he said he didn’t like people moving his things because he liked to locate things exactly where he left them. I told him that I expected him to be grateful because his house was a mess, and we started arguing. We later settled and informed each other about the boundaries we didn’t want to be crossed. Did I listen? No! The next morning, before he woke up, I washed all his sneakers and changed the arrangements of the clothes in his wardrobe. Then I woke him up to tell him that we needed to change the bedsheets he was lying on. He stared at me for a while, then asked me what I was doing. When I told him what I was up to, he sighed and said, “No o, Dayo, we can’t work like this. Come and be going.” The relationship lasted just a month! I always thought guys wouldn’t have issues with this part of me because they liked women who cleaned up after them. I honestly don’t understand what the fuss was about till today. Maybe he just wanted to hit and step.


The reason why my boyfriend and I broke up was dancing. Yes, it may sound funny, but I’m the kind of person who just starts dancing out of the blues. Mid-conversation, in the public… I even did it once when we went to the hospital to visit a family friend who had cancer. And, no, I don’t need music to start dancing. All the song had to do was pop in my head and my body would follow. My ex-boyfriend was an introvert, so there was no way that this was not going to be a problem. But I thought I had a bubbly personality and that he would warm up to it. After I repeatedly broke into dances in restaurants and on the road; and stood up and started dancing in his house where his parents were talking to us… even during mass twice, he couldn’t take it anymore. I saw the breakfast before he served it because we started hearing rumours that I was possessed. When he finally mustered up the courage, I told him that I understood because even me dey fear myself sometimes.


My unusual habit was betting. I loved betting so much that I could even bet my siblings. The problem was that I had never even won anything from all my years of betting, but these losses never stopped the betting frenzy. Back when I was in UNN, there was no day you wouldn’t see me at the BetNaija shop close to my lodge. All the guys there knew me because I never bet with small money. I even had issues once with my landlord because I used part of my rent to bet on different matches. It was my boyfriend that came to my rescue and got me out of that one. After that, he warned me to stop the betting. He told me how he was ashamed that anytime he passed by the BetNaija shop, the guys were always asking after me and telling him that there was one game or another they knew I would like to bet on. He told me to promise him that I would never go back to the shop. That if I did, our relationship would be over. I totally agreed. The next morning, he walked straight to the shop and met me there. He just shook his head and left. He blocked me and avoided me after that day.


I had an unusual habit of eating inedible things. I would eat chalk, paper, and even clay. What was worse was that I never had an appetite for food. It was always the weird things that I was craving. The first day I met my boyfriend, what made him talk to me was because he saw me nibbling on a  piece of paper while I was out with my girls. “Na so the country don hard reach?” He asked, and we both started laughing. That was how we struck a conversation that led to exchanging numbers and beginning a relationship. Apparently, he thought I was being silly that day. But after a few months of dating, he knew something was wrong. I always had erasers, rubber bands, chalk, and even pencils lying around in my house and in my bag. And, sometimes when I was with him, I would just whip one of these items out and start chewing them. I shocked him every of those times. One morning, he texted me that he thought he could overlook my weird habits, but he was wrong. He added that he was getting irritated by it because it was looking like he was dating a goat. He then ended by saying that he just had to call things off early so that no one would get hurt. Can you imagine? He broke up with me via text!

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