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<strong>5 Lovers Share “Oh, Shoot!” Moments From Their Relationships – Real Life Yarns</strong>
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5 Lovers Share “Oh, Shoot!” Moments From Their Relationships – Real Life Yarns 

It’s barely 2 weeks after Valentine’s Day when the singles were almost trampled under the heavy oppression of the lovey-dovey acts that were all over the internet. One thing we always advise our fam is not to make the things they see on social media an ideal goal, be it personal, financial, or “relationship-al”. See what we did there?

As much as relationships have their “Aww” moments, they also have their “Oh, shoot!” moments. In this episode of Real Life Yarns, we share real stories of “Oh, shoot!” moments from 5 lovers. Or ex-lovers… 

Read the stories below to find out how these moments turned out:


They say that the people who suffer the most on Valentine’s Day are the singles. That’s a lie o. It’s the people in situationships. The singles know they have no business with Valentine, but the ones in situationships would be in a dilemma. “Should I send him a gift? No, it would look as if he is my boyfriend, or that I want an exclusive relationship. I will look desperate.” These were the thoughts that went through my mind. But I shrugged it off, insisting that I was a forward-thinking woman. After buying the gift items and sending them to him. This dude called me saying that he got my gift and appreciated it. He then apologised for not sending me any, adding that he owed me. The next thing he said was, “Just to be clear though. I hope you are not sending me this because you want a relationship. You know I can’t fully commit to anyone now.” I had expected something like that, but it still hurt. It made me realise that I didn’t really need that toxicity in my life. So I just ended up calling things off over the phone for my peace of mind.


I had finished preparing a money bouquet and birthday package for my babe and tried calling my dispatch rider on WhatsApp to get it across to her, but I couldn’t reach him. I decided to pass some time by going through some statuses, only for me to come across a picture of my babe that a guy posted as the love of his life for her birthday. I laughed at first because “What is going on?”. The guy was just an acquaintance I exchanged numbers with, so I couldn’t outrightly ask him who my babe really was to him. I just took a screenshot for evidence, while still monitoring his status. The next post he made was a picture of him and my babe hugging. I nearly ran mad. I also took a screenshot of that and sent it to her, asking her to explain herself. She just laughed and told me that was her brother, asking me how I knew him. Brother ke? Wunmi, you and your brother are hugging this passionately? I became so heartbroken and started ranting about how my instincts always told me she was not to be trusted. She kept insisting that the guy was her brother, and it made me so mad how she could lie to my face like that. To cut the story short, she sent me old pictures of her family and her chats with the guy, and it turns out he was her brother. I wanted to disappear! What are the odds that I knew her brother and didn’t know? I never met any of her siblings and she never showed me pictures, so I guess I’m justified. She still hasn’t talked to me till now though.


My man and I planned a dinner date for my birthday. He told me to wear my best dress because he was going to surprise me, so I thought he was going to propose. I was so excited yet anxious. I got to the restaurant late because of all the makeup and dress-up time. He was already seated there and had ordered for both of us. When I asked him what he ordered, he said I’d see. We were later served plantain porridge, which was my favourite, so I became so excited. While eating, my spoon hit an iron-like object in the porridge and I almost squealed. I couldn’t contain my joy and started smiling at him. He then smiled back, asking why I was smiling. I started telling him, “Babe, you know it is not hygienic to put a ring in food, right?” He was looking at me surprised, supposedly still putting up an act. So I decided to pull out the ring with my spoon. Lo and behold, it was a periwinkle! He burst out laughing! Yes, he did. “Babe, you thought it was a ring? No, I knew how much you loved periwinkles as the Calabar girl that you are and how you kept complaining that you couldn’t find it in Enugu. So, I wanted to surprise you with a place that served some. I’m so sorry if that was misleading.” I was so embarrassed that I started laughing too. I wished that the ground would swallow me up. He kept laughing till he dropped me off. 


Please, don’t judge me. I have two babes and decided to send both of them gifts to celebrate the Valentine’s Day. I was saving up my January salary for the occasion and was relieved when it finally came. I packaged two boxes containing the same items and dispatched them to both girls. About 45 minutes later, one of the girls called. See me puffing my chest and preparing to receive her thanks and appreciation. I was so wrong. Aunty just went straight to the point and told me that she returned my gifts to the delivery guy. She added that she didn’t need them, that I should send them to my other girl, since she knew I was broke and must have stressed had to afford the gifts. How did she know about the other girl? I was just speechless and thanked her. Before I could say anything else, she hung up on me. True true, women are witches. 


The most profound “Oh, shoot!” moment I got in a relationship was with one of my exes whom I was engaged to. We had finished planning our wedding and only had a few weeks to our wedding when a friend of mine who returned from Canada told me that he was already married with three daughters. I didn’t believe her at first because the story was so absurd. But she showed me his wife’s Facebook page. There he was, my soon-to-be husband, on his wedding day, the day his twins were born, and other family pictures. I was dumbfounded! First, he told me he didn’t have any social media pages because he wasn’t interested in that kind of stuff, but he, indeed, had one under a pseudonym. I confronted him immediately and he denied it blatantly. It was when I brought picture receipts that he accepted it. He pled with me; telling me that he loved me and he had divorced his wife. The funny thing was that he even had pictures on his wife’s page that he took while we were in the process of our wedding preparations. I felt so stupid. I just cancelled everything and went into hiding. One day, a strange number called me. At first, I thought it was one of the people trying to reach me, but after the persistent calling. I decided to pick up. It was his wife! She begged me not to break up with her husband. She explained to me that he had no choice because she had a surgery that required taking out her womb and couldn’t bear kids anymore. The husband, still in need of a male child, presented the issue of getting a second wife, and she readily agreed. That was how I got into the picture. The story was so agonising that I hung up and blocked her. I stayed in hiding for a few months and decided to relocate after.

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