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What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done? You know, something that might possibly be among the things you’ll take to your grave, or a story you’d never tell a soul? In this post, we’re going to be profiling a young creative in Enugu, whose name we will not disclose for personal reasons.

So, let’s call him Adam. Adam opened up to us about a funny experience that happened to him years ago. Adam’s story might not be different from some of us, as we may have done things even worse. 

Adam was caught in a very weird triangle, and his own case was serious because the two persons that made his triangle were both related. Yes, sisters! We’re going to call them Eve and Eva. 

In this very real story, Adam was 18yrs, Eva was 20yrs, while Eve was also 18yrs. Eve was of an elegant height with very light freckles scattered evenly on her fair face which made her uniquely pretty, she had these short dreadlocks on that always caused a stir in Adam’s thoughts, her plumpy cheeks which were part of her best features according to Adam, just capped it for him. It was very clear that Adam really liked Eve.

Eva was no different however, she was tall and dark, the kind those modeling agencies sorted after, she had really pink lips with shining eyes, her outfits were always spot on as it complemented her very dashing physique.

In the background to this story, Eve and Adam attended the same school, the same church they practically did everything together because they were friends right from secondary school and they got admitted to the same uni. Eva was also in the same school but in her third year, Eve and Adam were both fresh entries.

Eva liked Adam a lot, but the ugly side was that the feeling wasn’t so mutual from Adam’s point, he was busy losing his mind over Eva’s sister Eve, his church friend, she didn’t seem really interested.

In school, they -Adam & Eve- attended and worked in the same church, and yes, they were both in SU (scripture union) kind of friends, you know, friends that uplifted themselves. 

So, it was a Saturday in school and usually, Saturdays were practically for church cleaning and preparations for Sunday’s service. 

While they were both working Eve called Adam to an upper room to help bring down more chairs, and behold, people of God, as Adam went upstairs Eve dragged him so close and welcomed his lips with french kisses that made him lose his bearing right there in the upper room. After almost four minutes of the spirit-moving make-out session, they left there and went into the store, the room was quite small but they both didn’t care, they were deep in the moment.

Adam swore he didn’t fornicate in the upper room, but that’s left for us to believe. After their session they came out of the room separately to avoid any suspicions although there were just a few persons in church that day.

The next day being Sunday, Adam was seated at the back amongst the pastors on the altar,  and of course he couldn’t focus.

When it was time for collecting the offerings, Adam was directed to Eve’s section, it was one of his awkward moments. As it reached her turn, shyness enveloped him making it difficult to look at her. Service was over, Eva was coming to say hi but he quickly responded and raced upstairs to the store, not to have another session according to him, but for a chat.

Adam told us that his regret was not mostly on the event happening with Eva’s sister but that it happened in a church. He also told us that he caught feelings for Eva but after all that wait Eva had moved on, so also did Eve, leaving Adam and his testosterone all alone. It turned out Adam was used.

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