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Enugu Closes Multi-Million Dollar Deal for Entertainment, Sport City

Enugu Closes Multi-Million Dollar Deal for Entertainment, Sport City 

The Del-York Group and the Enugu State Government have reached a multi-million-dollar agreement to build a cutting-edge sports and entertainment complex in the state.

While signing a venture agreement with investors at the Government House in Enugu over the weekend, Governor Peter Mbah stated that because his administration has been able to work tirelessly to make Enugu the safest state for living, investing, sports, and entertainment, investors have begun to show interest in the state in large numbers for businesses.

In collaboration with Del-York International Group, the historic project known as “The 042 Arena and Entertainment Park” is a multi-use sports and entertainment hub with a focus on key areas of development, training, innovation, education, talent discovery, hospitality, and entertainment, among other interests.

Linus Idahosa, the CEO of Del-York, stated that Enugu was chosen for the project’s launch due to a number of factors, including its tourist attractions and the state government’s initiatives to support the expansion and growth of the Southeast’s already well-known sports and entertainment sectors.

Idahosa said: “We feel that today is a very special day in the annals of Nigerian history for so many reasons, such as the roles the state government and the Southeast have played in the development and growth of the creative and sports industries across the world.

“For the governor to have taken the initiative to begin a project of this kind, which seeks to create an environment that will foster growth and development of sports and entertainment industries for the Southeastern region, is an incredible effort that deserves praise globally.

“We are happy, as a group, to be in partnership with the state, and we are happy to be here to sign this joint venture agreement with the state for the sports and entertainment park we are to set up. We are also very thankful for the speed at which members of your cabinet have worked tirelessly round the clock in ensuring that we come to where we are today.”

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