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Morin Oluwole Leaves the Meta Company After 17 Years of Outstanding Service

Morin Oluwole Leaves the Meta Company After 17 Years of Outstanding Service 

Meta’s global luxury director leaves the company after 17 years of service.

Morin shared the news through her social media accounts, expressing gratitude towards her colleagues, acquaintances and everyone who made her journey successful.

“In 2006, I arrived as employee 150 at TheFacebook, and today, Meta counts tens of thousands of Metamates. I’m very proud to have taken part in this adventure.” She said.

She thanked Mark Zuckerberg for his vision in creating a company that has changed the world, and she also thanked James Mitchell for recommending her to work with Meta after she finished her Masters studies. She was grateful to Carolyn Everson for the opportunity to grow as a business leader at Meta and beyond.

“In 2015, I moved to France to create the global luxury division at Meta. Together with our luxury teams, we grew this business over 80X in just 8 years. Thanks to Laurent Solly, all the members of my team, and my colleagues, together we are committed to always delivering success for our luxury clients and partners.”

The time has now come for me to write the next chapter of my story – with new personal and professional projects in Europe, the US, the Middle East, Asia and, of course, Africa.

Thanks to all of you that I have met on this journey who have trusted and believed in me. A final thank you to my family, my support system and my better half.

This is just a short au revoir; let’s stay connected, and I’ll share more with you very soon.”

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