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Eni Aluko Becomes First Black Investor in a Club in Italy

Eni Aluko Becomes First Black Investor in a Club in Italy 

Eni becomes first black female football club owner in Italy as part of a 100 million dollar ownership group.

Eni Aluko, a former sports director for Aston Villa and Angel City, is a member of the new ownership group that owns multiple clubs and has pledged to invest $100 million in women’s football teams in Latin America and Europe. 

Investing in women’s football teams, Mercury 13 struck its first deal, acquiring a majority share in FC Como Women in northern Italy. 

After retirement, Aluko primarily focused on football broadcasting, but had joined the Mercury 13 to venture into sports ownership, while inspiring black sports investors and black ownership in general.

With her majority ownership of Como FC, Aluko becomes the first black woman to own a football team in her native Italy.

Mercury 13 is planning to build a stable of women’s clubs, in a bid to capitalize on the growing interest in the sport. Most women’s football teams in Europe are owned by men’s clubs.

Aluko, said that being a part of Mercury 13 has made her dream of owning a football club reality, allowing her to make ownership decisions to influence the women’s game, as well as inspiring other black sports investors and, black ownership in general.

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