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Shatta Wale Says ‘Ghanaian Music Is A Disgrace, We Need To Learn From Nigerians’
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Shatta Wale Says ‘Ghanaian Music Is A Disgrace, We Need To Learn From Nigerians’ 

Another controversial remark was made by Ghanaian music icon Shatta Wale, who termed the Ghanaian music industry disgraceful.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

One of the biggest stars in Ghanaian music, Shatta Wale has gained notoriety for his controversial remarks.

The Dancehall act recently made fun of Ghanaian music, calling it terrible, and said that they should take a lesson from Nigerians. Nigerians, in contrast to Ghanaians, are all talk and no action, says Shatta Wale.

He said that Ghanaians should quit disputing with Nigerian concert promoters and fans and instead beg for assistance.

Many people won’t be surprised by his remark because he has already criticized the Ghanaian music business. He criticized Ghanaian fans last year for not backing him after they made fun of him for sounding like Burna Boy in his tune “Cash Out.”

It’s unclear what sparked his most recent outburst, but it could have something to do with Wizkid’s stunning revelation that Davido will join him on tour following his “More Love, Less Ego” tour.

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