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Geena launches app to help SMEs digitally manage business

Geena launches app to help SMEs digitally manage business 

Xend Tech, a fast-growing tech company in Nigeria, and creators of the first decentralised finance (DeFi) platform for credit unions in Africa, through their subsidiary, Geena, has launched a new product.

Describing the purpose of the app, Mr. Ugo Aronu, Geena’s founder, and the Co-Founder of Xend Tech, explains, “Geena is the first Nigerian-owned personal business assistant mobile-first software which was solely designed to digitally manage the business transactions of small and medium-sized business enterprises.” Inquiring about who should use Geena, Mr. Aronu clarified, “SMEs whose sole aim is the sale of consumer products, we are looking at retailers ranging from provision vendors; to cosmetics vendors. This is because Geena’s features are designed to handle the product aspects of managing businesses.”

The Geena app was created to be a very effective digital tool in the hands of business owners. “Just imagine having most of the small and medium business transactions managed digitally with just a mobile device. With Geena, SMEs can manage sales, stock, expenses, and even customers digitally.

One of Geena’s sole aims is to eradicate the rigours and inaccuracy that come with manual business management. With digital management, there will certainly be a high level of efficiency and productivity in management and output,” adds Mercy Emmanuel, Geena’s Growth Manager.

Naturally, Geena includes features that are built to combat the most worrisome of business management processes such as the “Make Sales” feature for SMEs to digitally input their products, monitor their sales data, and generate and send custom receipts; the “My Stock” feature to categorise products, re-order them, and record their expiry date which Geena will always make a reminder for in due time; down to the “Online Orders” feature through which business owners can set up an online shop at little cost and respond to online orders. 

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