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‘Ghana Jollof Has No Flavor, Nigerian Jollof is the Best’ – Hilda Baci

‘Ghana Jollof Has No Flavor, Nigerian Jollof is the Best’ – Hilda Baci 

Celebrity chef Hilda Baci of Nigeria has declared her country’s jollof to be the best, reigniting the Jollof rivalry between Nigerian and Ghanaian cuisines.

Speaking on a podcast, Hilda Baci declared that she had tasted Ghanaian Jollof and was certain it was inferior to Nigerian Jollof. The former holder of the Guiness World Record continued, saying that Ghana Jollof is flavorless.

Nigerian jollof is actually better than Ghana jollof; I have been to Ghana, I have eaten their jollof, I have done a competition with a Ghanaian chef that made his best jollof, and I have seen the recipe,” she said.

Hilda Baci continued that Ghana Jollof has no flavor, as she said, “but with Nigerian Jollof, Nigerians don’t play with flavour building.” The comments have once again reignited the Jollof war on social media as Ghanaians trash Hilda’s opinion.

A social media user said “Why are ppl confusing an ability to cook for long hours with an ability to cook good food? The two aren’t the same,” with another adding that “From a person who cooks a small pot of stew with 6 maggi…. Chaiiii Chef gbeee massa komot“.

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