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Wike Orders Reconstruction of Bad Primary Schools In Abuja

Wike Orders Reconstruction of Bad Primary Schools In Abuja 

According to reports, Wike has concerns about the state of the school and the difficulties it presents for the students’ learning objectives.

The Federal Capital Territory’s (FCT) Minister, Mr. Nyesom Wike, has given the FCT Administration’s Education Secretariat instructions to rebuild the classrooms at Local Education Authority Primary School, Bagusa, in Abuja.

The school run by the Abuja Municipal Area Council only had six classrooms and a community-built creche with no walls other than a zinc roof held up by wooden pillars. The school served about 200 students.

There are only sixteen desks in the class, and only the crèche section of the six classes had a cement floor, so the students had to sit on the bare ground to study.

This was announced not long after Dr. Danlami Hayyo, the FCTA’s mandate secretary for education and secretariat, visited the Abuja school on Thursday.

He informed the media that Wike was worried about the state of the school and the threat it posed to the students’ learning objectives.

He stated that the administration would finish building the current classrooms that the community had built and build new classrooms for the school as a short- and long-term solution to the issue.

He claims that by doing this, the students will be able to move from primary school to junior secondary school at the same location.

In order to ensure that the students would have a favorable learning environment, he continued, the construction would be completed quickly and effectively.

In order to expedite the construction of the classrooms, he stated that FCTA would work with pertinent authorities and stakeholders, such as the Universal Basic Education Board, on the counterpart funding.

Hayyo encouraged the community to avoid the school property in order to further protect it.

He clarified that the previous administration had founded the school, but added that since then, no single building has been built by the administration.

He claimed that the minister was made aware of the appalling condition of the school by a media article, and he promptly ordered an inspection visit and took prompt action.

In order to facilitate the transition from primary to junior secondary school, he continued, the school would be transformed into a contemporary institution with both the primary and junior secondary buildings housed in one location.

“At the secretariat level, we are committed to addressing the underlying issues that led to this unacceptable situation.

“We will work tirelessly to enhance infrastructure and ensure that no child’s education is compromised by inadequate facilities or unsafe conditions,” the mandate secretary said.

Chebawaza Katungu, the school’s original head teacher, expressed happiness that the minister was paying attention to the school and taking immediate action.

He claims that doing this will guarantee a more secure and appropriate learning environment for high-quality instruction.

Speaking as well, Zakka Iyah, the Chief of the Bagusa Community, commended the FCT minister for his swift action.

When the construction started, Iyah promised that the community would cooperate.

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