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Kano Govt Discovers 10 Warehouses Accused of Hoarding Foodstuffs

Kano Govt Discovers 10 Warehouses Accused of Hoarding Foodstuffs 

In the midst of the nation’s food and economic crises, the Government of Kano Public Complaint and Anti-Corruption Commission has opened 10 warehouses it had previously sealed for suspected food hoarding.

Muhyi Magaji, the chairman of the commission, disclosed this in a telephone interview with ThePunch.

Magaji said the owners of the warehouses have been directed to open and sell to the public.

This development according to him has led to a decrease in the prices of foodstuffs and grains in Kano and neighbouring states.

Magaji said, “The action taken by the commission has forced the dealers to bring the commodities to markets as well as reduce their prices.

“We visited a number of markets, including Dawanau International Grains Market, Singer Market and Kwari Market, among others.

“If you go to Shuwari market in Jigawa and Faskari and other markets in the neighbouring states, you will see that the prices of grains have reduced compared to before.”

He clarified that the warehouse closures had a major impact on containing the state’s price increase for grains and other necessities.

Additionally, he disregarded the assertion made by Dawanau International Grains Market Management that they did not stockpile grains in order to fabricate a shortage.

Recall that the state anti-graft agency recently issued threats against shylock traders and hoarders who were discovered hoarding grains in order to maximize profits.

Grain dealers in the market declared a decrease in grain prices in response to the threat.

The outcome resulted in a decrease in the price of the grain bag from N60,000 to N53,000. The cost of a bag of guinea corn was also lowered to N49,000 from N55,000.

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