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House of Representatives Stop 60% Increase in Nigerian Law School Fees

House of Representatives Stop 60% Increase in Nigerian Law School Fees 

On Wednesday, February 21, 2024, the House of Representatives took action to stop the Nigerian Law School’s proposed fee increase.

For law graduates planning to enroll in the Nigeria Law School, the Council of Legal Education had previously approved a 60% fee increase, bringing the total cost for the 2023–2024 Bar Part II academic session from ₦296,000 to ₦476,000.

The Minority Leader, Kingsley Chinda, read a motion in response to this development, and Ginger Owusibe read it on his behalf. The motion was adopted by the House.

The committees on justice, tertiary education and services were instructed by lawmakers to look into potential solutions and submit a report within two weeks.

Chinda emphasized the role of the Nigerian Law School in the regulation of legal education by the Council of Legal Education, elucidating the council’s authority to set fees for tuition and other services.

He emphasized the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics’ recent report on Nigeria’s 27.33% inflation rate and expressed concern about the short notice given to prospective students to pay the higher tuition for the current academic year.

The legislator issued a dire warning: if the affordability of law school is not balanced with the quality of services provided by the Council, there may be a sharp drop in enrolment, which would raise the unemployment rate for those who cannot afford to practice law.

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