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Ghana Faces Injury Blow As It withdraws from 4x100m Relay

Ghana Faces Injury Blow As It withdraws from 4x100m Relay 

By Adeke Chukwuka

The Ghana Athletics Association made a decision to pull out of the 4×100-meter relay race in the ongoing World Athletics Championships in Budapest.

Primarily, the actual reason for the sudden withdrawal from the race is a major setback caused as a result of pending injuries.

It was confirmed that Joseph Paul Amoah and teammate James Dadzie would be ruled out of the competition due to the severity of their injuries, which occurred in the men’s 200-meter heat during the morning session.

After a deliberation and conclusion between the GAA and the Ghanaian Minister of Youth and Sports, Hon. Mustapha Ussif, it was concluded and stated that “it is in the best interest and greater good of James and Joseph’s careers to discontinue participation in the championships given the circumstances and to shift focus to support options for treatment.”

James Dadzie suffered the injury as a result of a pull in his hamstring about 80 meters into the race, resulting in a grade II tear in his left hamstring.

On the other hand, Joseph Paul Amoah suffered a fracture at the base of his right big toe, which was known after an x-ray was conducted.

A total of four runners are needed to participate in a 4x100m relay race, but due to injuries, two runners were intended to be sidelined due to their injuries.

Following the ordeal, Ghana would have an incomplete team to participate in the race; which gives reason to the withdrawal made by its national athletics body.

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