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Burkina Faso’s Hugues Fabrice Zango Wins First African Gold Medal In Triple Jump

Burkina Faso’s Hugues Fabrice Zango Wins First African Gold Medal In Triple Jump 

By Adeke Chukwuka

Hugues Fabrice Zango, Burkina Faso’s athlete representing his country in the men’s triple jump in the ongoing World Athletics Championships in Budapest, has made history by writing his name in his country’s history book, by winning a gold medal in the tournament’s triple jump contest; the very first gold medal his country has ever won in World Athletics.

With a jump measuring 17.64 meters in his fifth attempt, Zango clinched his medal in the tournament in Budapest. With Zango winning gold, it marks the first gold medal in triple jump won by an African country.

The 30-year-old athlete, with all joy and gladness, made his thoughts known in words, which he said, “Look at my big, big, big smiling mouth.”

“It tells you everything. I had so many difficulties and doubts, I have been struggling a lot. I had to travel a very long way to get this gold medal.

“I am proud to be the man who keeps his word. I promised to make history, and I did it tonight.”

As it stands, Zango is currently ranked No. 2 in the world, following his triumph in the WAC in Budapest.

 He was able to win bronze in the WAC tournament in 2019, and silver in 2022. Also at the Tokyo Olympics in 2022, he was able to grab another bronze medal.

Zango winning the title, ensured Lazaro Martinez from Cuba received silver, with fellow Cuban countryman Cristian Napoles finishing with a bronze.

Indeed Zango’s achievement in the tournament has already set a pace for him in the world of athletics and also in his country. In his words, he said, “I cannot imagine the level of celebration in my country when I go back home, but I’m going to start the celebrations in Budapest,

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