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Eze Munachino Hosts Africa’s Largest Real Estate Conference

Eze Munachino Hosts Africa’s Largest Real Estate Conference 

The conference speakers and panelists are all internationally acknowledged professionals and authority in their respective professions.

Real Estate business in Nigeria consists of people who make assumptions that the properties they purchase will invariably generate profit. Most times these assumptions turn out to be wrong and the Real Estate Investments that manageably escape these incorrect assumptions generate income that are negative Cash Flow. It is not all about the property but also about the Cash invested and how to maximize it to generate long term profit. This brings us to the how the CEO Muna Real Estate, Eze Munachino Obinna delivered the Largest Real Estate Conference in Africa the REAL ESTATE FORMULA 1.0 that is changing Real Estate Investments and investing narrative in Nigeria by advising investments that would produce positive Cash Flow and long term value.

The Real Estate Formula 1.0 Conference is the first ever sole Investment Exhibition that brought International Real Estate billionaires and billionaire CEOs from different parts of the world together. It was held in Enugu Nigeria on the 3rd of November at Amadeo Event Centre. It was indeed the Largest Conference in Africa, structured to change the mindset people have about money regardless of the field, to train and certify a large number of Real Estate Investors. Local Real Estate Agents and Businesses in Nigeria was thought how to succeed amidst the many financial, economic and regulatory challenge facing the Nigerian real estate Industry. They were also thought that there is more to Real Estate than just buying and selling, emphasis and importance should be placed on the value and long term profit that the properties would generate. An opportunity was created for people to interact and connect with like minds as well because the extent to which one succeeds in Real Estate is the capacity they have built in themselves and their network of people.

The speakers and panelists that presented their speech at the conference are globally recognized experts and authorities in their diverse fields, that were specially handpicked to make great impact intellectually and financially on the participants of the conference which they most definitely did, based on the reviews received during and after the conference. The diversity of these speakers and panelists made it easier for the participants to not only learn about Real Estate in Nigeria but also Real Estate and its practice across the world. The speakers and panelists as expected gave out secrets, blueprints and strategies that Real Estate Moguls and Multi Billionaires, both local and international are using to build long term wealth.

The first speaker, Mr. Oscar Martin spoke on Blockchain Data in Real Estate, he thought the participants how Blockchain Technology can be used in real estate to facilitate secure data sharing, streamline rental collections and payments to property owners and also increase access to real estate funds and investment opportunities.

The second speaker, Simon Samir spoke on Understanding the UAE Property Market. He has over 14 years of experience in property investment in the Dubai property market. He taught on the UAE real estate market which has witnessed the highest values 0f sales over the past four years and is still on high rise. He described UAE’s real estate market as one with remarkable long term profit and that he is confident the UAE property market is a growth story for developers and investors seeking long term profit and value.

The third speaker, Barr. JMCC Ogbuka ARB, ACI, FCI, is the founder of the House of Laws. He is an egalitarian legal luminary and human rights activist whose passion for legal erudition, Bar Advocacy and Human rights protection is legendary. He conveyed the topic: where real estate meets law in Nigeria; the imperative of the law in the development of frontiers of Estate practice. He explained to the participants common fraudulent activities relating to land and real Estate buying/selling in Nigeria, how to avoid these fraud, legal actions to take in respect to property acquisition and ownership and how the Law enables and facilitates the practice of Real Estate in Nigeria.

The fourth speaker Rev. Surv. Ugochukwu Chime is the managing director/Chief Executive Officer of COPEN Group of Companies. He is a notable FMBN consultant with so many developments across the country to his credit. His speech was on Understanding the Real Estate Value Chain. He explained that real estate plays a fundamental role in the value chain of any and every economy. By addressing the application of the value chain concept to how real estate facilitates the connection of inputs to the value creation process to deliver goods and services to clients, he gave insights on how value chain connections can lead to superior decision making on critical real estate sectors. He also explained that value chain is the fundamental building block of strategic management and analysis of real estate investments. Emphasizing on transparency, the place and space of origin as well as destination he listed out real estate value chain connection with the country’s economic growth and value creating activities.

The fifth speaker, Mr. Eze Munachino Obinna is a property investment consultant. He is the CEO of Muna Real Estate Limited and Chairman, Millennium Group of Companies. His topic was on Property Investment Analysis and International Property Investments. He outlined that Investment Analysis helps you make a more informed investment decision, maximize profits and make safe investments. According to him investment analysis helps you answer a few questions: what is a good price? What should be fixed (renovation)? How much money do you have? Are rents high enough? Future sale price? Which property is better (comparative market analysis)? With the aid of a diagram he explained the importance of positive cash flow in every real estate investment and Investment Analysis is about cash flowing in and out including anything that affects its present and future values. He addressed the Investment Process which includes Initiation, Analysis, Due Diligence, Financing, Rehab, Stabilization and Exit. He also outlined the benefits of investing in the International Property Pension Plan(IPPP) they include: Appreciation, Cash Flow, Depreciation, Leverage, and Tax Benefits.

The Panel Session consisted of four panelists; Arc. Chukwudi Ezenwa the chairman of GSS group of companies an architect and real estate consultant, Mrs. Ngozi Franca Onunyere the Senior Relationship Manager at Azizi Development, Miss Winifred Sichui the Relationship Manager at Azizi Developments and Mr. Eze Munachi Obinna the CEO of Muna Real Estate Limited and Chairman Millennium Group of Companies. The panel session was indeed interactive and impactful, each of panelists shared their wisdom and provided insights to create real value while investing in real estate or going into real estate industry. The panel discussion was facilitated by the host Mr. Lorenzo Menakaya who guided the panelist and the audience through a lively conversation on Real estate investments and investing, Real estate practice across the world and understanding the Real Estate market. It was mostly a question and answer discussion between the panelist and the audience which was moderated by the event host.

The Real Estate Formula 1.0 without doubts lived up to its name as the largest Real Estate Conference in Africa with over 1000 attendees, it revealed to the participants strategies that is known to generate cash flow and guarantee maximum return to real estate investors. As the name implies, formulas used by Real Estate billionaires in building sustainable wealth was discussed by the speakers and panelists.

The Real Estate Formula 1.0 Conference was convened by Muna Real Estate Limited a Real Estate Firm with partners and investments across the globe.  We firmly believe that Real Estate Investing is the safest path to financial freedom, and we are indeed setting everyone on the track to financial freedom one client at a time. We successfully delivered the largest Real Estate conference in Africa. Muna Real Estate Limited is you and I delivering value and providing profitable cash flow producing investments!

Our mission is your prosperity and our story is not complete without you.

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