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China Launches The World’s Fastest Maglev Train

China Launches The World’s Fastest Maglev Train 

The first maglev bullet train to reach 600 kph (373 mph) has debuted in Qingdao, China.

It is considered to be the fastest train in the world, being developed by China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation.

Maglev refers to magnetic levitation. There is an electromagnetic force which causes the train to appear to float above the tracks.

Liang Jianying, deputy general manager and chief engineer of CRRC Sifang, told Chinese state media that in addition to its speed, the train also emits low levels of noise pollution and requires less maintenance than other high-speed trains.

Media outlets show a prototype of the new maglev train in 2019.

In the same year, China announced plans to create “3-hour transportation circles” between major metropolitan areas.

China is aiming to connect more of its large cities via high-speed rail to reduce travel time and costs around the world’s most populous nation.

Currently, the average high-speed train in China can run at about 350 kph, while planes fly at 800-900 kph. The train unveiled in Qingdao this week could help fill this crucial middle ground.

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