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Ruger Blasts Twitter Trolls For Trying To Spoil His Fun Amid Fuel Scarcity
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Ruger Blasts Twitter Trolls For Trying To Spoil His Fun Amid Fuel Scarcity 

Ruger, a Nigerian dancehall legend, took a shot at Twitter bullies.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Ruger is among the singers whose music is defining Nigerian Dancehall and contributing to the globalization of Afrobeats.

Ruger is known for his erotic music, which he recreates on stage through overt physical intimacy with his female fans.

Following his most recent gig in Canada, a video of Ruger sensually dancing with female fans leaked online, sparking a social media backlash, with supporters chastising him and others defending him.

Some Twitter users believe Ruger should restrict how he dances with fans because it might harm him in the future.

Other people chastised him for oversexualizing his stage acts, calling them unprofessional.

Ruger responded to this in an Instagram post, describing the Twitter comments about his performance as an effort to ruin his pleasure with his female followers.

He called the Twitter users trolls before chastising them for being unable to purchase petrol due to the current price spike caused by the loss of the fuel subsidy.

“It’s funny how these Naija twitter trolls struggling to buy fuel try to spoil our fun. The fun never stops”.

Ruger’s passionate dancing with female fans is inspired by his music, which has a lot of sexual aspects. Female admirers have often groped the Nigerian celebrity, and their acts have been blamed on his indulgence.

In any case, Ruger has the right to choose to dance with adults who have the agency to participate in such sexually charged dances.

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