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NPC Establishes The Census Situation Room For 2023

NPC Establishes The Census Situation Room For 2023 

The National Population Commission (NPC) unveiled the Census Situation Room on Wednesday, as part of its commitment to completing a digital census in 2023.

News Agency of Nigeria

The commission’s Chairman, Alhaji Nasir Kwarra, who opened the 2023 Population and Housing Census Situation Chamber in Abuja, stated that the room will serve as a communication centre for the 2023 census.

He also stated that the situation room adheres to digital world best practises.

He added that “the situation room that we are officially launching today will serve as the 2023 Census Communication Hub.

“It is in this regard that we will leave no stone unturned to make sure that all corresponding technical equipment meet the required standards for effective delivery of the 2023 census goal.”

Kwarra, who reaffirmed the commission’s commitment to a digital census, stated that the situation room will result in a credible, trustworthy, and acceptable population and housing census.

According to him, it would be versatile and will serve as a situation room for all census activities and key commission sessions.

“The situation room will also ensure constructive and proactive engagement of the census process,” he added.

Dr Eyitayo Oyetunji, NPC Federal Commissioner for Oyo, praised the chairman’s foresight in building the situation room and vowed the South West’s assistance for a successful digital census by 2023.

Dr Clifford Zira, the Federal Commissioner for Adamawa, also assured the panel of North Central cooperation.

Zira praised the chairman “for a job well done” and expressed confidence in the commission’s capacity to provide an accurate and trustworthy census.

Dr. Ejike Eze, Federal Commissioner for Enugu, commended the chairman and members of the commission’s staff on the establishment of the situation room.

He reaffirmed the South East’s commitment to a successful digital census in accordance with best worldwide practises.

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