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YBNL and YAGI Logos Were Designed by Adekunle Gold

YBNL and YAGI Logos Were Designed by Adekunle Gold 

By Adeke Chukwuka

YBNL, one of Nigeria’s top-selling record labels, has a long-standing reputation for success not only in the country but across Africa.

Its CEO, the incredibly talented music artist Olamide, has been at the helm for an extended period, contributing to the label’s enduring prominence. The label also houses some of Nigeria and Africa’s big artistes like Fireboy and Asake.

It will come as a shock to many, if it is mentioned that the talented musician  Adekunle Gold, was the sole designer of the YBNL’s logo. 

Adekunle Gold confirmed this sometime ago, during an interview with EbonyLive TV. He revealed that before rising to fame as a music artist, he had worked as a graphic designer. His journey to success included facing numerous rejections, but he persevered.

Indeed, he’s an ex-YBNL artist, and it’s worth noting that he had actually designed the label’s logo long before he was signed.

Surprisingly, his graphic design skills weren’t the reason for his signing to YBNL; it was his exceptional musical talent that led him to the label. If you closely examine the visuals of his single “IRE,” you can spot him creating designs on his laptop, which could be his creative way of revealing his past as a graphic designer. 

In addition to his designing prowess, Adekunle Gold was also behind the design of Lil Kesh’s YAGI design, which stands for “Young And Getting It”

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