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<strong>Nigerian Youths Describe the Memories Capri-Sun Brings to Them – Real Life Yarns</strong>

Nigerian Youths Describe the Memories Capri-Sun Brings to Them – Real Life Yarns 

The exhilarating Caprisun & Booze Party that took place a few days ago in Enugu was such a nostalgic experience for all in attendance because it all made us remember one thing. Childhood! First of all, we all loved parties as children. And the second part, certainly not the booze! We do not support underage drinking here!

There are a lot of things that remind us of our childhood, such as a certain smell, a certain dish, a game, or a movie. For us, it’s a sip of chilled Capri-Sun. The pack, the taste, and the feel take us back to beautiful memories of our childhood. 

We are aware that we are not the only ones who feel this way. So we asked some of our friends to describe the memories a sip of Capri-Sun brings to their minds. Here are some of their responses:


Capri-Sun, for me, is the miracle from childhood that never left. The best part of growing up. If I were to pick a symbol to represent everything good that has ever happened in my life, I am going to pick Capri-Sun for sure. I know it is a weird symbol, but whenever I’m feeling a little down, I just get a Capri-Sun and bam! I feel better. So, why not? It has never failed me. It is like sunshine in a pack.


You know, Capri-Sun brings back memories of resilience for me. We couldn’t afford to buy it regularly, so my friends and I decided to make our own version of Capri-Sun by mixing fruit juice with water and storing it in small plastic bags. We called it ‘Homemade Capri-Sun.’ It tasted different, but it was our creative way of enjoying something similar and feeling a sense of belonging with other kids who had the real thing.


Taking a sip of Capri-Sun reminds me of the reckless days of my youth when we used to sneak booze into the mix. Sure, I don’t condone underage drinking now, but back then, it was part of the thrill. It’s a bittersweet memory, a mix of innocence and rebellion that defined our teenage years. The Capri-Sun & Booze Party was a great opportunity to relive that moment and, boy, was it worth it!


Talking about Capri-Sun brings a particular memory to mind. There was a time when the management at my workplace distributed Capri-Sun to all of us at the office to celebrate Children’s Day. Hilarious, I know. But it was a good reminder that, even though we were hustling adults, there was still a child in all of us. HR didn’t find it funny when we started acting like kids the next day sha. She didn’t know whether to regret it or put the “Let the joke end there!” stamp on it. We play too much in Nigeria.


Capri-Sun reminds me of bribery and corruption. Growing up, if they needed you to do anything, they would say, “I’ll buy you Capri-Sun if you don’t tell mummy.” Who was I to say no? I would take the Capri-Sun and eventually still tell my mother. And she always blessed me with more. So I always got a double win for my betrayal. However, I grew up to become a very trustworthy adult. Wink.


It takes me back to days of no responsibility. Anything you wanted was given to you if you were willing to make little sacrifices. If you did your chores, you would get a Capri-Sun when Mummy comes back from wherever it was she went. If you took the first position, you get a Capri-Sun. It was the highest reward for anything at all growing up. 


The Capri-Sun I remember used to be in a bigger pack. Now it’s smaller, and I’m not feeling it. But yeah, Capri-Sun is peak childhood memory unlock material. And when I went to the Caprisun & Booze Party, I had this unique nostalgic feeling. Like I was a child again, and my mom, who was my ultimate Capri-Sun plug back then, was still alive. God bless her soul.


Caprisun unlocks my creativity. I see colours whenever I have a sip. I know I sound poetic, but that’s the truth because Capri-Sun lets me take a step back in time, unlock my imagination, and just let it run free. Let’s just call it my creative juice.


Memories of celebration unlock whenever I see or take Capri-Sun. Children’s Day celebrations, birthday parties, frequent visits from adults who came bearing Capri-Sun gifts or offered money to buy them… Capri-Sun always equals celebration for me. I won’t even mind sharing them at my adult birthday party.


Capri-Sun is just a drink for me. I don’t associate it with anything. It’s a great drink to have around. 


Capri-Sun is one drink that has remained constant through the years. It is the sip that unlocks all the wonderful memories from childhood until this day. I believe that it is a drink that can be enjoyed by anyone at any time. 

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