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‘I Went To Mosque Just To Please My Dad’ – Khaid

‘I Went To Mosque Just To Please My Dad’ – Khaid 

The rapidly rising Nigerian musician Khaid, Sulaimon Shekoni Solomon, has opened up about his conversion from Islam to Christianity.

In a recent interview, the young musician disclosed that despite having a Muslim father and a Christian mother, he felt a stronger bond with Christianity.

Khaid, who turns 19 in December, recalls how, when he was younger, his father used to make him go to the mosque against his will.

He claims that the only reason he went to the mosque as a youngster was to appease his father and protect him from the neighborhood gossip about his child turning Christian because the father is a Muslim.

“I was a Muslim before because my dad was a Muslim and my mum was a Christian. So, I just felt the connection to Christianity more.

“Right from the time, I didn’t like going to the mosque, actually. My dad forced me. But my parents were free-minded people.

“They told my siblings and me that we can choose any religion we want. But we live among Muslims, and my dad doesn’t want it to seem like he doesn’t have control over his children, so he used to force me to go to the mosque,” Khaid disclosed in a recent episode of the Zero Conditions podcast.

He added, “At that time I was trying to please him so I was going to mosque. But after some time, I switched and started going to church.

“My elder sister and younger brother are Muslims. But me and the rest of the five are Christians.”

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