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5 Writers Talk About The Frustrations They Face When Writing
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5 Writers Talk About The Frustrations They Face When Writing 

They share their most frustrating moments as writers with a correspondent of Blueprint Afric.

By Oyinatumba Cynthia Ginikachi

Writing could look easy. Now looking at in-depth information from writers across various genres, it is evident that it is not as easy as it seems. They share their most frustrating moments as writers with us. 

Aluu Geoffrey 

My most frustrating moment as a writer would be when I need to write but cannot write. They call it a creative block or something like that, but that name is way too sweet for what that feeling is. 

Oko Phoebe 

My most frustrating moment would be when I have writers’ block. Whereby you don’t know what to write, no inspiration when you pick up your pen. This makes me want to cry because writing for me is a form of emotional relief. Whenever I am sad, down, and with a full head, writing helps me. When I have writer’s block, I would not be able to do all these, and it is usually so frustrating. This kind of thing happened during the covid 19 lockdown, it was terrible. 


 Well, getting to know that story which relates to how I am feeling on the inside. That particular story that I don’t need to stress my mind when writing about it, it just comes freely. That’s THE story. 

Suleiman Barakat Ize 

When I am writing and flowing well, and then the brain disappoints by hiding a word from me…Guys…e dey pain.

Or when words can’t just express your thoughts.

Ugochi Francès

The most frustrating thing when writing is not being able to complete a piece of writing. I could start writing a beautiful piece, and I would have a picture of what I want to write about in my head, but somewhere along the line, it seems like that picture leaves my head, and I am blank. I wouldn’t even know where to start from or how to complete it. 

Recreating or trying to force my mind to create that exact picture could be quite frustrating. This should be my most frustrating moment while writing so far.

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