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‘Get A Friend With Benefit’: 5 Students Talk About Campus Dating
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‘Get A Friend With Benefit’: 5 Students Talk About Campus Dating 

What is it like for students on dating in school.

By Adaugo Queen

A Lot of people engage in romantic affairs while in school. A couple of these affairs turn outright, and other times, it goes south. 

Despite the issues and inconveniences that come with campus dating, people still go into it. But what do some students think? 

FISAYO: MCB, 200 Level

To me, campus dating is a no-no. Most times it does not end well, na book they send me come read for school no be love 💕. I have no issue with campus dating. I just don’t like the fact that it’s between students. 

You both are working towards getting a degree, and then by the side, you are dating. That does not make sense. It’s time-consuming, money-consuming, and emotionally it’s draining. 

Being a student of UNN is enough stress. I don’t think anyone should add to it by dating their fellow student. Dating a fellow student is just crazy, who is to hold the other down when the stress is much? Who is to think outside the box? 

UNN boys have this tendency of wanting to be in your face and space all the time, that can be choking. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, I can’t get that with a student, knowing I may run into you by the road or in the classroom.

Miracle: Pure and Industrial Chemistry, 200level

Campus dating should not be on the agenda at all till one leaves the den. Campus dating is stressful and not productive. Many people will say that you don’t know where you will meet your life partner. I don’t subscribe to that. Dating a guy who has no plans for the relationship, he just wants to pass time and answer that he’s in a relationship. He won’t take you seriously and jump from one girl to another, being a distraction and in the end causing you pain. 

Nothing serious, you will be left heartbroken and devastated, they may even move on to your friend or someone you know. 

This is why you shouldn’t get involved at all. You can date after school or someone done with school. Someone ready to take responsibility if anything comes up, not a boy who does not know his left from his right.

Andrew: Mass Communication, 400level

Everything has a good and a bad side. Campus dating is fun, you get to be genuinely happy at first, looking forward to calls, taking long walks around school, attending school functions together. It is beautiful, just like the time of MTN midnight calls. 

All this and more makes it fun till school stress sets in, peer pressure, she starts making unreasonable demands, and when you don’t keep up, she starts with childish behavior. School is already stressful, I don’t think girl drama should be added. If you can handle what comes with it, the financial burden and stress, then go for it. But if you cannot, leave it and face your studies.

Amanda: Sociology and Anthropology, 300 level

I see nothing wrong with campus dating. It can only be a distraction when both of them can’t handle it. You have to know how to place your priority right. You need to know when and how to allocate time for everything and everyone. If you’re the type that does not read or finds it hard to multitask, you have no business being in a relationship.

Relationships are time-consuming, and you need to balance the equation so none has to suffer. Your lover needs your attention just like your studies do. You need to be able to create time for both. You also have to consider the kind of person you are getting into a relationship with, is he on the same page as you? Is he the type that is caring enough to give you time to read and let you be yourself? 

Is he ready to grow with you? What makes up A, may not be found in B or even C. When your boyfriend is the type that goes for classes, is punctual to school, and tends to put time and attention into his studies, he will rub off on you. 

But in a situation, where you are dating someone that sees nothing wrong with skipping classes, going to wild parties, skipping assignments, and not doing projects, gradually you will start doing the same. Evil communication corrupts good manners.

Edwin: TFS, 300level

Campus dating is work and draining, just get a fuck buddy and play it cool. Being committed in a relationship takes so much more and I don’t have it. It’s just like being faithful to a girl, who’s not faithful to you. It’s all messed up. 

Girls are not faithful while they are dating in school and especially if the boyfriend is a student. They both end up hurting each other and causing themselves pain. So I think it’s best not to invest emotions into something that won’t yield any positive thing. 

Friends with benefits are the way forward, I would rather wait till I’m done and ready for something serious. But while we are yet to get to our destination, we can have fun and not get carried away.

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