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Yemi Alade Set To Release Third EP, ‘African Baddie’ In December 2022

Yemi Alade Set To Release Third EP, ‘African Baddie’ In December 2022 

Yemi Alade, a multi-award-winning artist with international recognition, has revealed the track listing for her upcoming third EP, “African Baddie.”

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

The 10-track album includes duets with well-known artists including Joe Dwt File, Bisa Kdei, Zlatan, Bramsito, the queen of Dancehall Spice, Phyno, and Lemar, a British singer of Nigerian descent.

The album is scheduled to be released on December 2, 2022, and Yemi has already made the lead singles “Baddie” and “Bubble” with Spice available.

Speaking on her new EP, Yemi Alade said, “I’m an African ‘Baddie’, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have emotions. Every woman can relate to all the moods in this EP. One minute, we are begging a man not to hurt us again and the next we’re in front of the mirror reminding ourselves who is really in control.”

On the EP, Yemi Alade effortlessly transitions between new genres while guiding listeners through various moods; her most recent body of work includes elements of Dancehall, Highlife, and Afrobeats.

“This new EP is special to me” she said. “Everyone will be able to resonate with different songs to put them in various moods. There is a song for every person on ‘African Baddie. The vibe flows into one another and I am happy to take my audience on a musical journey with each song”.

Songs on the EP include ‘Pounds & Dollars’ featuring Phyno, ‘Overload’, ‘Jo Jo’ featuring Bisa Kdei, ‘Baddie’, ‘Ikebe’ featuring Zlatan, ‘DjeDje’ featuring Bramsito, ‘Get Down’ featuring British-Nigerian singer, Lemar, ‘My Man’ (French Version) featuring Joe Dwẻt File, ‘Bubble It’ featuring Spice and ‘Begging’.

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