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Peter Obi praises 13-year-old, Joshua Agboola, Africa’s Youngest Certified AWS Developer Associate. 

Peter Obi, the Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate, took to social media to congratulate Joshua Agboola, a 13-year-old Nigerian programmer and web guru. He described it as an achievement that “should gladden the hearts of most patriotic Nigerians.”

Master Agboola accomplished the achievement after a two-hour exam that assessed his skills and knowledge in deploying, troubleshooting, and developing on the AWS cloud platform.

In an interview on Sunday in Lagos, Master Agboola said he was encouraged to achieve the feat due to his great achievement in his AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner examination earlier this year and his father’s encouragement to sit for the next level of certification.

Despite his interest in DevOps, Master Agboola stated that the most common next step was to pursue the Solutions Architect Associate certificate.

In Obi’s post on Instagram, he wrote, “Dear Joshua, I celebrate you today for your outstanding achievement. You have made a name for yourself and our nation. I urge you to remain focused on building a great future for yourself and a better society for all.”

He stated that this achievement reminds us of the immeasurable roles that education plays in the life of every child. he urged the youths to be inspired to strive hard, develop their skills and be better in their fields through continuous learning and improvement.

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