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Ruger Has Revealed The Title Of His Upcoming Album

Ruger Has Revealed The Title Of His Upcoming Album 

Ruger announced the name of his upcoming first studio album for the first time on his Instagram account, “Ru The World (RTW)” dropping shortly.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

The Dancehall hitmaker also offered a preview of a brand-new song, which is most likely going to be his next single.

His contagious melody, superb handwriting, and exceptional range of artistic expression are lauded from the early rising. Ruger’s talent may be alluring at times; the ability to execute nearly flawlessly is overwhelming and tremendously boosts confidence, which is why he is so confident.

It seems as though the endearing voice, vivaciousness, charisma, and general blend of pidgin English, dancehall patois, and reggae represent the modern and impulsive taste of Afro-dancehall.

Ruger, a 22-year-old Nigerian music sensation, has captured everyone’s attention with his popular bop sounds. The writing gap is the main distinction between the old generation of performers and the burgeoning new age of Afrobeats.

After becoming well-known with his self-titled EP “Ruger” in 2020, the Dancehall artist has made a name for himself as one of the most promising superstars poised to raise the bar for Nigerian music.

With the two songs “Dior” and “Girlfriend” from his second EP “Second Wave,” he not only wowed fans across the world but also strengthened his brand identification.

His chart-topping song “Asiwaju” helped him have a wonderful end to 2022, and his first album, which will be released in 2023, will solidify his position as a major player.

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