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Nigerian Afropop Star YKB Announces New EP ‘Yusful Music,’ Named Apple Music Africa Rising Artist

Nigerian Afropop Star YKB Announces New EP ‘Yusful Music,’ Named Apple Music Africa Rising Artist 

YKB releases his highly anticipated EP called ‘Yusful Music’

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

The most recently featured artist in Apple Music’s Africa, Nigerian-born Afropop singer-songwriter YKB is a rising artist development program participant who has wowed fans with his slick vocals and catchy melody.

YKB’s much anticipated EP, “Yusful Music,” with six songs, including his hit single “San Siro,” was released on April 5, 2023.

The new EP from YKB, one of the artists redefining the sound of Afrobeats, will make him popular with fans while demonstrating his extraordinary talent.

Regarding his selection as the newest Apple Music Africa Rising artist, YBK said that sharing his emotions via music has always been his priority.

“As an African boy who makes music, my goal is to communicate life through my lens. I hope that people can relate to and learn from it, so I’m super grateful to Apple Music for making me an Africa Rising Artist. Also, I’m grateful to my fans whose actions toward my music have helped me get here. My plan is to continue to tell my stories and continue to make ‘Yusful Music’.”

YKB, short for Yusuf Kan Bai, which means “one Yusuf like that” in Yoruba, was born and raised in Ketu, Lagos, where he developed an early love of music and the ability to compose tunes. As an independent musician who fuses Afrobeats, R&B, trap, and hip-hop, YKB has slowly amassed the most devoted fan following, which culminated in the publication of his 7-track debut album, “Before I Blow” (2021).

In addition to displaying his musical range, YKB’s single “San Siro” captures the spirit of what it’s like to fall head over heels in love by telling the tale of a love that’s vast enough to fill up Milan’s famed soccer stadium. Another enticingly sweet song from the artist, “Bo card (things I need),” is currently streaming on Apple Music in Spatial Audio. It sees the singer proclaiming the depth of his love for his girlfriend while being supported by a saxophone-flecked tune.

The “Yusful Music” EP has been released on all platforms.


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