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U.S And Canada Boycotts Russian Vodka In Support Of Ukraine

U.S And Canada Boycotts Russian Vodka In Support Of Ukraine 

On social media, videos of liquor shop and bar owners emptying bottles of vodka and removing stock from shelves have appeared.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Since Thursday, February 24, 2022, several liquor establishments across the United States and Canada have removed Russian vodka from their shelves in protest of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Liquor outlets in Ohio, Manitoba, and Newfoundland, according to foreign updates tracked by Pulse, are removing Russian spirits from their shelves.

The Liquor Control Board of Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, has also ordered all local businesses to remove all Russian items.

Stoli Vodka, Russian Standard Original Vodka, Beluga Noble Russian Vodka, Karkov Vodka, and Zyr Vodka will be removed from almost 700 retailers across the province.

Ciroc, Tito’s, Absolut, Svedka, Grey Goose, SKYY, and New Amsterdam are among the most popular vodkas in the United States. They’re made in Sweden, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States. While Smirnoff was founded in Moscow, it is owned and produced by Diageo of the United Kingdom, according to the Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, in the United States, videos of pubs and liquor stores emptying their Russian vodka shelves and removing bottles from their shelves spread on social media in a show of support with Ukraine.

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