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What Do You Hate Most About Being A Student? Five Nigerians Share Their Experiences
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What Do You Hate Most About Being A Student? Five Nigerians Share Their Experiences 

Students face difficult times in school, and in an effort to learn about the views of students at the university, Students were questioned by a correspondent of BlueAfric Media.

By Sharon Uchenna

In this article, five Nigerian students from a particular university community talk about what they hate about being students.

Godwin, Post-Graduate student

There is a lot to love about Nigeria’s system and a lot to say about its porous nature and where it lags. In terms of quality of research for me as a post-graduate student at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka is dependent on the quality of some particular lecturers and not on the quality of the faculty. 

Also, the fact that the system does not stick to timing, for instance, a program that is supposed to run for 24- months can take up to 48-months or more which is terrible. 

Then, there is no proper integration with industry. There is no real bridge between academia and industry were organizations in which students are attached for industrial training. There should be a coherence where the organization can relate directly with the school but that is not present in Nigeria.

Nafeesat, 400L

Lecturers releasing materials very late like a day or two to the exams is one of the things I detest a lot about being a student. Also, the dictation of unending notes without explanations on the notes being written by the lecturer is another problem.

The hostel facilities are in dilapidated states. Just recently, a blind student was electrocuted due to an electrical fault that has not been fixed over the years.

 Favoritism in the aspect of getting admissions and hostel accommodation irritates me more. How about sex for grades, it is becoming rampant as the days go by.

Sonia, 300L

Education is all fun but schooling in Nigeria is hell. One of the reasons I hate school is the fact that you come to class and the lecturer tells the students that whether he teaches or not, he would have his salaries paid or they tell you to teach yourself which is not proper in any case.

Also, some lecturers derive joy in keeping students from graduating. For instance, a lecturer can decide to hold a student down for eight years over a four-year course. Lastly, getting first-class looks almost impossible to get, and even if gotten in the end the reward is poor.

Chekwube, 200L

The stress of having to read bulky materials and texts is one of the many reasons why I hate school. Most times students cram the materials without understanding them. Also, in most Nigerian universities, the theoretical aspects of education are focused on more than the practical aspects.

The preference of some courses in Nigeria over others by parents and lecturers in some cases, as a result, the myth of having sure jobs upon graduation is another reason why I hate being a student.

Esther, 100L

I hate that classes are being fixed on Saturdays, a part of the days of the weekend which is meant to be a resting day. Also, the cost of living as a student as well as the cost of texts and materials are exorbitant.

Also, most lecturers do not care if all the students pay attention to the lecture as a result of the over-population in schools. 

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