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Introducing Fraqvest: The Innovative Fractional Real Estate Company Set To Democratise The Real Estate Market

Introducing Fraqvest: The Innovative Fractional Real Estate Company Set To Democratise The Real Estate Market 

Fraqvest, the forward-thinking fractional real estate company, is set to shake up the Nigerian real estate investment landscape with the highly anticipated launch of its cutting-edge platform in September.

Poised to revolutionise the world of real estate investment, Fraqvest’s mission is clear: to make property ownership accessible to all, enabling anyone to become a landlord with just 10,000 naira.

In a bold move to transform traditional real estate investment, Fraqvest introduces an innovative platform that offers fractional ownership of premium properties worldwide. No longer confined by financial barriers, investors can now divide substantial property acquisitions into bite-sized portions, allowing even those with modest means to tap into the highly lucrative real estate market.

The heartbeat of the Fraqvest platform lies in its key features, providing users with unparalleled access to an extensive prime real estate listing, a seamless and intuitive user interface for effortless investment management, and automatic distribution of rental earnings. With Fraqvest handling the intricacies of property management, investors can enjoy the benefits of ownership without the stress, presenting an enticing proposition for forward-thinking individuals eager to diversify their investment portfolios.

“We aim to democratise real estate investing and create a platform that empowers individuals from all walks of life to become property owners and investors,” said Dozie Onwughalu, Founder of Fraqvest. “By breaking down barriers to entry and making real estate investment more affordable and accessible, we hope to foster financial inclusion and prosperity for a broader segment of the population.”

While Fraqvest’s fractional real estate model is already an attractive proposition, its impact transcends boundaries. For Nigerians, Fraqvest presents an unparalleled opportunity to engage in property ownership without traditional financial constraints.

By offering a cost-effective and inclusive investment avenue, Fraqvest seeks to unlock the immense potential of real estate investments for the Nigerian population, fostering long-term wealth creation and financial stability.

Join Fraqvest Waitlist

The imminent launch of the Fraqvest platform is generating significant buzz, with hundreds already on the waitlist.

Prospective investors are eagerly invited to join the waitlist and become trailblazers in the groundbreaking journey to redefine real estate investment. By signing up on the waitlist to become an early user, participating in shaping the app’s development, users can ensure that their preferences and needs are met, setting the stage for a seamless and tailor-made experience.

For the financial revolutionaries and property pioneers ready to embrace the future of real estate investing, the Fraqvest waitlist is now open. To be part of this transformative movement, visit

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