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God Will Appoint A Good Leader In 2023 – Kumuyi
William Folorunso Kumuyi
2023 Election

God Will Appoint A Good Leader In 2023 – Kumuyi 

No one can obstruct God’s plan for Nigeria in 2023, according to the man of God.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Pastor William Kumuyi, General Overseer of the Deeper Life Christian Ministry, has voiced optimism for the success of the general elections in Nigeria in 2023.

The revered priest also stated that only God possesses the authority to decide who would lead the nation as president in the next election and that Nigerians will have reason to celebrate when the process is through.

On Wednesday, August 24, 2022, Kumuyi met Oba Victor Kiladejo, the Osemawe of the Ondo Kingdom, in his palace and revealed this, according to The Punch.

The visit was a part of the church’s pre-event preparations for the six-day “Global Crusade with Kumuyi” that would take place in the historic town.

Kumuyi’s word: “As to next year, 2023 about the election, everything is in the hands of God. I want to tell you, no pin drops anywhere in the world without God’s knowledge and nobody goes ahead without God’s control. He controls everything that happens in the world.

Would there be an election next year? would there not be an election? Who will emerge as the president of our country? Who will come out as governor of each of the states? Known unto God before the beginning of time and what we want in answer to the problem of contentious people in our land. What He wants will come true. When a lion is coming, no rat stands in his way and says you can’t pass.

When the Almighty says this is what it is, for Nigeria in particular, for 2023 in particular, no elephant of a man can stand in its way. God’s will will be done and we will all rejoice.

Speaking about the choice to hold the crusade in Ondo town, Kumuyi said that the church had received heavenly instruction.

“At this time, we are choosing Ondo City because God has led us to do so. He, God choose Ondo for GCK,” the man of God stated.

Ondo State and the town, in particular, will greatly benefit from the campaign, Kiladejo said in his speech.

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