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‘Ghana Must Go’ Bags Banned From Airports By Federal Government

‘Ghana Must Go’ Bags Banned From Airports By Federal Government 

All airports in the nation are prohibited from accepting “Ghana Must Go” bags from travelers, according to the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN).

The ban is specifically for travelers passing through the nation’s international airports, per a circular issued by FAAN and signed by Manager of Airport Services, Henok Gizachew, titled “Re: Prohibition of Usage of Ghana Must Go.”

Gizachew stated that the sack was banned by the authority as it has cost the airlines a huge loss and also damaged the airport’s conveyor belt system.

He mentioned that travelers who want to use “Ghana Must Go” for transportation need to have the same books, carefully packed in rectangular hardcovers or cartons.

Many of the nation’s airports have experienced conveyor belt system failures as a result of the use of “Ghana Must Go” bags, which has resulted in significant expenses for the airport authority.

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