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Geena is redefining the growth path for small businesses in Nigeria

Geena is redefining the growth path for small businesses in Nigeria 

As more entrepreneurs continue to complain about the reduction in the output of their businesses, Xend Tech’s newly launched business software, Geena, is set towards redefining the growth path for small businesses in Nigeria to promote their quantitative and qualitative production. 

Xend Tech, a tech company emerging from South-eastern Nigeria, has actively responded to the need for a substantial change in businesses by creating Geena, a mobile-first personal business assistant that oversees management operations. Ugo Aronu, CEO/Co-Founder of Xend Tech, explains that “Small businesses encounter challenges when it comes to business management procedures like invoicing, inventory, and customer service, and oftentimes, the failure to incorporate efficiency in these procedures leads the business towards folding up in its early stages.”

To reduce the rate of business failures, the mobile app, Geena, provides an interface for regular shop owners, retailers, drop-shippers, mini-importers, and manufacturing companies to manage their business operations from product catalogues to inventory/stock management, to tracking sales, recording payments through multiple Point-Of-Sale systems via cash, bank transfer, Split payment, or Card payment with little or no expertise. 

The app also helps entrepreneurs boost their online presence by making it possible for them to own a personalised eCommerce website to exchange goods for money, globally.  In essence, Nigerian entrepreneurs are leveraging Geena to expand their retail businesses into other countries in Africa, with total control over staffing, process automation, and their customer journey with half of their estimated budget plan.

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