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New Fintech app, Geena, set to manage business performance

New Fintech app, Geena, set to manage business performance 

Geena, a new financial technology application has been launched into the market to assist in the tackling of SMEs’ daily financial management problems. Geena is a unique innovative product that will provide SME owners with just the right business assistant that will seamlessly help their businesses in lowering process costs and improving productivity and mission effectiveness. In essence, Geena handles financial statements, keeps track of customers’ orders and reviews, stock management, issuance of invoices and receipt, and inventory. 

In the past, SMEs have been faced with the common problem of maintaining their business performances in the areas of financial management. Some businesses have fallen short of achieving these goals and were eventually shut down due to losses and low sales rates. However, other businesses have painstakingly handled the processes, though falling short on efficiency and accuracy.

It is quite interesting that the Geena app, being a very efficient personal business assistant, will touch a lot of lives, by eliminating their stress and business hassles. “The fact that Geena provides business owners with the opportunity to create and personalise their online stores at no throat-cutting cost through the app will place SMEs in a spotlight where they can maximise profit and productivity,” Mercy Emmanuel, Geena’s Growth Manager, discloses.

On the Geena App home page, business owners will find the features; Make Sales, My Stock, Expenses, Online Orders, Report, and Customer. At the bottom of the page, there is an icon that takes the user to the “Help and FAQ” page where users can find explainer videos on how to register their businesses, add staff and role, add a new product, add expenses, make sales, and set up an online store. The app also provides options; Call Support, and Online Chat, for users’ communication comfort. 

About Geena

GEENA is the first Nigerian-owned personal business assistant to focus majorly on retailing. More than anything else, it is a digital business intelligence tool created to help the regular shop owner, retailer, and mini-importer to manage their inventory, track sales, and expenses, connect with customers and suppliers around the world, and also set up a FREE customised online store in a few minutes. GEENA is created with something extra attentive, dependent, precise, and secured, with much more features infused into a mobile app. Just like Money, every retailer can’t do without GEENA. 

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