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Chike Releases Thrilling Video For His Hit Song, “On The Moon”

Chike Releases Thrilling Video For His Hit Song, “On The Moon” 

The music video for the hit song “On The Moon” from Chike’s sophomore album, “Brother’s Keeper,” has been released.

Omotayo Olutekunbi

Chike has over the years epitomized the purest notion of music. His tracks have elevated R&B inside Afropop, garnering him several successes that showcase his vibrant tones. The singer’s much-awaited sophomore album, “The Brother’s Keeper,” was released last year. It was a moving collection of songs that began with the religious “On the Moon.”

Chike recounts his triumphs as a musician while utilizing the vibrant percussions of Amapiano. Chike’s crooning voice takes on a duty of his own, causing the listener to bounce and bop to the rhythm of his heart while swirling notes in the background create an atmosphere of triumph. The record was a great illustration of Chike’s unrivaled capacity to impose his distinct narrative style on virtually any sound imaginable.

Chike presents the “On the Moon” video to kick off the new year. The musician is shown in moving moments under the direction of the accomplished UAX. Following the hazy tone of the song, Chike and a small child swap places on a bed as light pours in from all sides. The delicious essences of celebrity life, including the girls and glamour and a following, come into prominence as the video goes on, sharing the spotlight with Chike. The dreamlike cinematic experience is the ideal fusion of minimalism and color, and the movie paints a vivid picture of Chike’s development from a music enthusiast to a world-famous celebrity.

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