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‘My Album Is About Having A Good Time,’ Ajebutter22 Says On Apple Music Africa Now Radio

‘My Album Is About Having A Good Time,’ Ajebutter22 Says On Apple Music Africa Now Radio 

Alternative music icon Ajebutter22 defined his music as one that gives fans a good time in an interview with Dada Boy Ehiz on Apple Music Africa Now Radio.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

In an interview after the release of his third album, “Soundtrack To The Good Life,” on January 20, 2022, Ajebutter22 said that he began working on the record when the Covid epidemic broke out and everyone looked to be in a bad mood. He stated that he wished to create something that would make the listeners happy and joyful.

“The album is about enjoying, having a good time, and living soft. I started really making the album, doubling down, a few years – like, the COVID period – and the world was really bleak, man. Everywhere was sad, everybody was feeling really down and depressed, and I didn’t want to make music that was overly deep or had too many think pieces. I just wanted us to be able to take our mind to somewhere where we’re having a good time.”

The album included a variety of emerging producers, some of whom Ajebutter22 said he found online. This album was the first one for which the musician was the only executive producer, giving him the freedom to select the producers he collaborated with.

“I was in charge of the sound like this is the first album I executive-produced 100% by myself. So I went out of my way to find producers online, on like different digital platforms, and guess what? You see some of the producers that are doing crazy things, they’re Nigerian and nobody knows, nobody has heard of them. Some of these guys have 1000 followers, no big name but they’re really good and I’m like you know what, I have to put these guys on. I have to show the world we have all this talent here as well.”

Ajebutter22 took a break from the scene and put his attention elsewhere before releasing the album. He acknowledged that since he presently has his own business, balancing his roles as CEO and musician was challenging.

“I and BOJ dropped ‘Make E No Cause Fight’ volumes 1 and 2 up until 2019, so I didn’t feel like I wasn’t making music, and in 2020 was like the COVID year so I didn’t really feel absent, but yeah I also withdrew a little bit from the music scene, because I was focusing on some things on the tech side.

Before it was a lot easier because I was working in a company as an employee, and now I’m a CEO. It’s crazy doing that, being responsible for people, actually being the main man. It’s like being from a player on the team to being the captain. I’m the captain now, so it’s not easy.”

Fans can listen to 15 brand-new songs from one of Nigeria’s pioneers of alternative music on Ajebutter22’s ‘Soundtrack To The Good Life’, which is available on Apple Music.

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